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Fine Print – September 2023


Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things

by Adam Grant

Published by Penguin Publishing Group
ISBN 9780593653142
304 Pages

Hidden Potential offers a new framework for raising aspirations and exceeding expectations. Adam Grant weaves together groundbreaking evidence, surprising insights, and vivid storytelling that takes us from the classroom to the boardroom, the playground to the Olympics, and underground to outer space. He shows that progress depends less on how hard you work than how well you learn. Growth is not about the genius you possess—it’s about the character you develop. Grant explores how to build the character skills and motivational structures to realize our own potential, and how to design systems that create opportunities for those who have been underrated and overlooked. This book reveals how anyone can rise to achieve greater things. The true measure of your potential is not the height of the peak you’ve reached, but how far you’ve climbed to get there.

Master of Change: How to Excel When Everything Is Changing – Including You

by Brad Stulberg


Published by HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN 9780063253162
240 Pages

A revelatory book on rethinking change and creating a rugged and flexible mindset amidst life’s intensifying flux, from expert on sustainable excellence, coach, and bestselling author of The Practice of Groundedness.

From social disruptions like economic recessions, pandemics, and new technologies to individual disruptions like getting married, career transitions, and becoming a parent, we undergo change and transformation—both good and bad—regularly. Change is not the exception, it’s the rule. Yet we endlessly fight it, often viewing it as a threat to our stability and sense of self. Master of Change flips this script on its head and offers a path for embracing and even growing from life’s constant instability.

New Orleans: Elegance and Decadence

by Richard Sexton and Randolph Delehanty

Published by Schiffer Books
ISBN 9780764365980
224 Pages

New Orleans: Elegance and Decadence focuses on the interiors, furnishings, art collections, and gardens of a handful of creative people in New Orleans in the 1990s. Dreamers and urban pioneers, they included bohemian artists, artisans, architects, preservationists, activists, antiquarians, restaurateurs, and teachers, all living outside the American mainstream. They tolerated crumbling plaster, exposed lathe, and sagging galleries in exchange for communal festivity and joie de vivre. Photographer Richard Sexton documented how and where they lived; what they hoarded, collected, and worshipped. In this second edition, historian Randolph Delehanty weaves together the history of New Orleans from the fragments he saw in those photographs. The authors explore in words and images how the combination of climate, a strongly European and Catholic culture, African influences, and the revelry of Mardi Gras have created a modern ambience unlike that of any other city in America. Much has changed in New Orleans over the 30 years since this book first appeared, but far more has stayed the same. The book celebrates the joyous spirit of this distinctive culture, an inspiration to everyone who pursues the art of living.

Natural Remedies for Mental and Emotional Health: Holistic Methods and Techniques for a Happy and Healthy Mind

by Brigitte Mars, A.H.G. and Chrystle Fiedler, Foreword by Rosemary Gladstar

Published by Healing Arts Press
ISBN 9781644117866
352 Pages

In this comprehensive guide to natural methods to maintain a healthy mind, herbalist Brigitte Mars and natural health expert Chrystle Fiedler explore many common mental health concerns and stress-related issues—such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, anger, insomnia, brain fog, and trauma—and share remedies and practices to address and heal their root causes. Citing recent medical studies, they examine the influence of diet and nutrition on mental health concerns and explore the benefits of specific foods, herbs, supplements, essential oils, and self-care techniques like acupressure, massage, and color therapy. The authors also explore holistic practices and treatments for moving through grief, breaking free from addiction, working with ADHD and epilepsy, supporting chronic conditions like bipolar disorder, PTSD, and Parkinson’s disease, and recovering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke. Presenting a wealth of holistic self-care therapies for mental well-being, emotional balance, and neurological health, this guide enables each of us to heal the mind and nurture the soul, two essential keys to a happy, joyful life.

Stress Less: Managing Anxiety in A Modern World

by Noa Belling

Published by Rockpool Publishing
ISBN 9781922785633
272 Pages

A simple guide to all the tools, methods, and exercises to manage your stress. What if you could feel in control of your stress levels? Or be able to access qualities like self-worth, grounded confidence, inspiration, and inner peace when faced with stress? Stress, anxiety and depression have become a sign of our times. How have your stress levels been lately? Maybe stress has left you feeling depleted and tired. Or maybe it has wired you up to feel moody and irritable. International bestselling and award-winning author, Noa Belling has put together a tried and tested, scientifically backed and power packed toolkit to help you. It targets different ways that stress can show up in our lives, that might leave some of us depleted and depressed and others wired and anxious.

Author: RIM-admin