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Fine Print – March 2023


Symbols of You: A Self-Discovery Reference Guide

By Linda Mackenzie, published by Creative Health & Spirit Publishing

ISBN 9798986717906 I  Pages 150 I Price $24.95

Linda combines knowledge of Ancient Wisdom and modern day teachings to provide the reader a personal journey through hundreds of symbols on 42 topics. When exploring these symbols, from Acupressure to Western Elements, the reader’s connection to consciousness becomes “up close and personal.” The book provides fun discovery exercises and easy-to-read charts that are designed to help people identify their own symbols and find a deeper meaning of themselves, their family and friends.

The Magic in Your Mind

By U. S. Andersen, Foreword Eckhart Tolle, published by New World Library

ISBN 9781608688456 I  Pages 320 I Price $18.95

In clear, crisp, invigorating language, Andersen offers a liberating message for anyone seeking to change, improve and understand their life. He shows readers how to free their secret self, experience self-mastery, use mental imagery, understand the concept of “mind over matter,” fully employ their power of choice, and overcome opposition with tools such as the innate sixth sense.

The Karma of Success: Spiritual Strategies to Free Your Inner Genius

By Liz Tran, published by Penguin Publishing

ISBN 9780593542446 I  Pages 256 I Price $28

Fulfill your innermost dreams and ambitions by turning up the volume on your intuition and re-connecting with your inner genius. Informed by ancient sources of wisdom like Zen, Reiki, astrology, and Stoicism, The Karma of Success invites you to validate the unique goals and ambitions you set for yourself and ultimately, are destined to achieve. You’ll learn the Four Pillars of Spiritual Strategy — inquiring inward, manifesting mindfully, enriching your energy, and becoming brilliant — and be guided by the stories of people who have looked inward to find meaning and success. Whether you’re trying to start your own business, heal your inner child, or just figure out how to get through the next Mercury in retrograde, The Karma of Success will help you find your way.

The Ultimate Guide to Channeling: Practical Techniques to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

by Amy Sikarskie, published by Fair Winds Press

ISBN 9780760371770 I Pages 192  I Price $26.99

Channeling is the ability to communicate with angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, and beings in spiritual realms—the apex of intuitive development. The Ultimate Guide to Channeling provides a safe, structured, step-by-step approach for awakening your abilities. Learn how to develop this advanced intuitive skill with precision and safety. Accompanied by illustrations, expert author and Spirit School founder, Amy Sikarskie, will guide you through the different styles of channeling and teach you how to connect with your personal group of guardian angels and spirit guides, the different chakras and Clair senses, how to use your natural intuitive abilities to perceive spiritual messages with accuracy, how to integrate other divinatory tools such as oracle cards and sound into your channeling practice. You will also find valuable tools and techniques for energetic hygiene so that channeling can be done safely and accurately. Learn how to discern rogue and imposter spirits and clear energy after a channeling session.

A Year of Angel Guidance an Introduction to Twelve New Guardians

By Leeza Robertson, published by Llewellyn

ISBN 9780738770314 I Pages 288 I Price $19.99

Connect with 12 new guardian angels using this month-by-month guide. Each guardian is the focus of a full calendar month, bringing you daily guidance based on that angel’s theme. Leeza Robertson provides messages received from the angels to help you navigate the human experience. This year-long devotional introduces you to lesser-known angels who want to assist with everyday concerns and show you the path to peace and abundance. In addition to daily messages, you’ll enjoy a prayer of connection and a closing ceremony for each month that helps you deepen your angelic practice. From Jana, the angel of doorways, to Sylvania, the angel of transitions, these divine guardians will be with you all 365 days of the year.

Author: RIM-admin