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Fine Print – July 2022


Into the Lonely Woods Journal: A journal of blessings & solitude

by Lucy Cavendish & Dan May, published by Llewellyn Worldwide


Venture into the lonely woods and find the greatest gift of all — your true self. With premium quality, cream-colored, wood-free paper and a combination of lined and unlined pages, this tender, empathetic journal is designed to provide sacred space for all facets of your self-expression. Uplifting messages, quotes, and art reproductions are interspersed throughout for inspiration.

ISBN: 9780738774138 I Pages: 220 I Price $23.95

The Night School: Lessons in Moonlight, Magic, and the Mysteries of Being Human

by Maia Toll, illustrated by Lucille Clerc, published by Running Press


For anyone interested in spirituality, folklore, mysticism, witchcraft, healing, and self-exploration, The Night School is a highly creative journey into the magic of the night. Organized as an enchanted course of study, with semesters and subjects for exploration – ranging from Midnight Foundations (Philosophy 101) to Divining the Night (Divination 101) to Harnessing the Celestial Tides (Energetic Engineering 101). This illuminating manual offers short nightly lessons complete with reflections, exercises, homework, and even extra credit to help readers connect with the power of the night and explore the deeper mysteries of being human. In an era when our daytime hours are increasingly uncertain and people are turning inward to reevaluate what really matters, The Night School encourages us to slow down and contemplate our dreams, relationship to the natural world, and the ancient traditions of mystical thinking – all by the light of the moon.

ISBN: 9780762474295 I Pages: 272 I Price: $24

Ignite a Shift: Engaging Minds, Guiding Emotions and Driving Behavior

by Stephen McGarvey, published by Morgan James Publishing


The ability to persuade and influence is the cornerstone of success. In Ignite a Shift, internationally acclaimed speaker Stephen McGarvey explores the subtleties of effective communication and highlights the essential fact that thinking impacts emotions which drive behavior.

Ignite a Shift is the quintessential guide to communication, positive persuasion and influencing with integrity. It reveals the proven techniques that the world’s most effective leaders are using to motivate themselves and others to excel professionally and personally.

ISBN: 9781631958052 I Pages: 314 I Price: $34.95

Live Life in Crescendo: Your Most Important Work is Always Ahead of You

by Stephen R. Covey & Cynthia Covey, published by Simon & Schuster


Stephen R. Covey spent his long and storied career inspiring millions of individuals to make their lives more effective, compassionate, and meaningful. Near the end of his life, Covey felt there was a final component to his work: How to live your best life no matter your age? How to best respond to life-challenging experiences? How to approach the challenges and opportunities of middle to later life — like raising children, caring for your parents, leading and inspiring others, staying on top of your career, contributing to your community, and what follows next? Live Life in Crescendo is Covey’s answer to these questions, outlining his vision for those in the prime of life, whatever age you may be. Covey urges all to “live life in crescendo,” continually growing in contribution, learning, and influence. In the same way that music builds on the previous notes, life too builds on the past and unfolds in the future. This crescendo mentality urges you to use whatever you have — your time, talents, resources, gifts, passion, money, and influence — to enrich the lives of people around you, including your family, neighborhood, community, and the world.

ISBN: 9781982195472 I Pages: 304 I Price: $27.99
Author: RIM-admin