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Fine Print – January 2023


Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence

by Anna Lembke, published by Penguin Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781524746742 I  Pages: 304 I  Price $23.49

In Dopamine Nation, Dr. Anna Lembke, psychiatrist and author, explores the exciting new scientific discoveries that explain why the relentless pursuit of pleasure leads to pain… and what to do about it. Condensing complex neuroscience into easy-to-understand metaphors, Lembke illustrates how finding contentment and connectedness means keeping dopamine in check. The lived experiences of her patients are the gripping fabric of her narrative. Their riveting stories of suffering and redemption give us all hope for managing our consumption and transforming our lives. In essence, Dopamine Nation shows that the secret to finding balance is combining the science of desire with the wisdom of recovery.

Vibes from the Other Side: Accessing Your Spirit Guides & Other Beings from the Beyond

by Catharine Allan, published by Sterling Ethos

ISBN: 978145494450 I  Pages: 208  I Price $16.99

A comprehensive (but fun and easy-to-use) guide to accessing spirit guides, from an accomplished medium. Having a relationship with your spirit guides is common in spiritual circles — whether those are your ancestors, power animals, or just entities from the beyond. These could be the voices of the departed, but they could also be earth spirits or just an entity from a place you haven’t been yet. Whatever the source, veteran medium Catharine Allan guides readers through the question of what it means to speak to spirits, how to do it, and how to honor and protect your relationship with their powerful energies.

Soul Medicine

by Edward Tick, Ph. D., and Foreword by Mark Nepo, published by Healing Arts Press

ISBN: 9781644110898 I Pages: 288 I Price $19.99

Using both ancient wisdom and modern depth psychology alongside stories of healings from his more than 25 years of guiding Greek pilgrimages, Tick explores how we can use ancient healing philosophies and practices to achieve holistic healing today. He examines the interaction between mind and body (psyche and soma) and between physical illness and the soul. He explains the art of making accurate and holistic interpretations of signs, symbols, and symptoms to determine what they reveal about the soul. Showing how dreams and other transpersonal experiences are essential components of soul medicine, the author reveals how restoration of the soul facilitates true healing.

The Sugar Jar: Create Boundaries, Embrace Self-Healing, and Enjoy the Sweet Things in Life

by Yasmine Cheyenne, published by Harper Collins Publishers

ISBN: 9780063162365  I Pages: 288  I Price $24.99

Combining stories, exercises, and prompts, The Sugar Jar lets you see just how much energy you have and how much is being used by others. It helps you identify what depletes you, what restores you, and how to recognize destructive patterns. Cheyenne offers a unique and much needed perspective. A former member of the Air Force working with victims of domestic violence, she has specifically designed her approach and questions about boundaries, self-care, and self-healing for readers of all backgrounds, and especially readers of color, whose stressors and life challenges have too often been excluded and overlooked. Warm and honest, featuring a beautiful and inviting two-color design, The Sugar Jar shows you how to make small adjustments that can lead to big changes in your life.

Author: RIM-admin