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Fine Print – January 2022


Find Your People: Building Deep Community in a Lonely World

By Jennie Allen
Published by The Crown Publishing

ISBN  9781608687596 I Pages: 272 I Price: $25

The New York Times bestselling author of Get Out of Your Head offers practical solutions for creating true community, the kind that’s crucial to our mental and spiritual health.

Larger Than Yourself

By Thibault Manekin
Published by New World Library

ISBN  9781608687596 I Pages: 304 I Price: $17.95

Larger Than Yourself tells this story but is about much more than Manekin himself. It also profiles the remarkable real-world change makers he has worked with and the innovative practices he has instituted in the profitable companies and nonprofit organizations he has helped to create. Manekin makes these methods accessible to all, meaningful to anyone, and inspirational to everyone with an idea, a hope, and a purpose-driven dream.

Maps of My Emotions

By Bimba Landmann
Published by Schiffer Books

ISBN 9780764362217 I Pages: 48 I Price: $18.99

A boy is leaving for a mysterious journey that will take him to explore faraway places. The only words describing these places, in this almost wordless book, are those of the maps that he draws. These fantastic and evocative places express all the shades of emotions from hope to fear, from wonder to sadness, to finally to love. An unprecedented and highly original itinerary with a story of friendship and great adventure plays out in a graphic-novel form that unfolds on the pages between the maps. Highly visual illustrations provide an incentive for children to explore their emotions and create their own new maps for emotional discovery.

Overwhelmed And Over It: Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in A Chaotic World

By Christine Arylo
Published by New World Library

ISBN: 9781608686773 I Pages: 344 I Price: $17.95

Liberate yourself from stress and overwhelm! If you’re like most women, you’ve discovered that the tasks and pressures never end in our culture, a culture built for burnout. But there’s a way to stop stressing and start thriving — to wake up to the underlying systems and unsustainable ways of working and living that sap your strength, drain you dry, and fragment your focus. Feminine wisdom leader Christine Arylo is on your side, as she shines a light on the external forces and internal imprints that push you into overwhelm and self-sacrifice. She then shows you how to access your power to achieve what matters most, including receiving what you need and desire.

Author: RIM-admin