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Sales Magic With Healing Crystals

Crystals and stones are one of the hottest products that can be sold in your stores today. During these difficult times when so many of us are reaching for products that can help us heal and stay healthy, this is especially true. It will also continue to be true in the future. In order to take advantage of this sales opportunity, it is important to know something about crystals and stones that you can share with your customers to help them select the stones and crystals that can truly help them. It is also important to know what to look for in selecting the right stones and crystals for your store so that not only will you have what customers are seeking, but you will also have what will work the best. Finally, it is important to know how to best display your stones and crystals to attract customers and increase sales.

Since I have been in the crystal and stone business teaching about and designing crystal and stone jewelry since 1980, I feel it is important to provide education and share what I know will work.

First, it is important to be educated about what you are offering so that you can, in turn, help educate your customers. The more your customers learn about stones and crystals the more they will purchase stones that will really work for them. Here is some information that will get you started:


Crystals are different than other stones. Each crystal is created in a highly ordered atomic structure with a characteristic physical composition. The crystal’s growth moves outward from a tiny seed crystal in a multidimensional pattern to create various shapes, each outward shape, then, a reflection of the crystal’s internal atomic order. Each characteristic shape can be used differently accordingly to its type.

All crystals come in one of seven types. The first type is a cubic or isometric system based on a square inner structure resembling a six, eight, or twelve-sided box. Examples of these are diamond, fluorite, garnets, and spinel.  The second type is based on a hexagonal six-sided inner structure.   These include four-sided prisms and pyramids, twelve-sided pyramids, and double pyramids. Crystals in this family include morganite, aquamarine, apatite, emerald, sugilite, and beryl. The next is the trigonal or rhombohedral three-sided or six-sided triangular structure. Crystals in this category include agate, calcite, hematite, quartz, rubies, amethyst, carnelian, aventurine, and tourmaline. Rose quartz is also included in this system even though it seldom crystalizes. The next is an orthorhombic or rhombic system based on a   diamond-shaped or rhombic inner structure that may look like two pyramids stuck together. Crystals in this system include alexandrite, iolite, chrysoberyl, tanzanite, celestite, danburite, and topaz. The sixth crystal system, based on a parallelogram inner structure with inclined end faces, is called a monoclinic system. Crystals in this category include azurite, howlite, moonstone, serpentine, chrysocolla, diopside, lazulite, and kunzite. The seventh triclinic system is based on an inner structure usually having paired faces and three inclined angles. This type includes crystals like amazonite, labradorite, rhodonite, kyanite, turquoise, and aventurine feldspar.

The various forms of crystals directly influence and determine their metaphysical properties. Because each shape is a pattern of nature’s energy movement frozen in a particular space, each shape will create differing energetic effects. The seven geometric shapes in the crystals, for example, mirror the seven elemental harmonics of creation, the seven major hormonal glands in the human body, and the seven cavities of the skull. Each shape also represents a corresponding element and chakra within the subtle body and can be used to work with them accordingly. The cube, for example, represents the earth element and the root chakra. The icosahedron with twenty faces and twelve corners works with the second chakra and the element of water. The tetrahedron, with four faces and corners, works with the solar plexus and the fire element. The octahedron, with eight faces and twelve edges, works with the air element and the heart chakra. The dodecahedron, with three pentagons meeting at each corner and twelve faces, corresponds to the throat chakra and the ether element. The star tetrahedron, containing joined tetrahedrons, (one pointing up and the other down,) work with the third eye and the light element.  The more we meditate with and become aware of the energies associated with each shape, the more flexibility we have in our energy work with the crystals. Cubed crystal, for example, associated with the earth element, can be used for grounding and feeling safe and secure in the physical world. The pyramid shape of a trigonal system can be used to receive and send messages. The uses of these natural crystals are as endless as our ability to discern their energies by listening to the guidance within.

When a stone is shaped or tumbled, it is no longer energetically effective in the same way. By changing the shape you alter the natural energetic flow and impede or stop the energy work that it can naturally do. When you change the natural crystalline shape by tumbling or shaping a crystal, the stone should no longer really be referred to as a crystal.

That is not to say that tumbled or shaped stones have no effect. We can use their color properties to make energetic changes. A red stone, for example, will help stimulate the first chakra and bring fire to the body. Likewise, a green stone will help stimulate the heart chakra and help bring a sense of nurturing and compassion. A stone may be formed in one of the naturally occurring shapes, perhaps in a pyramid or square, but it will not be as powerful as the naturally occurring shape. Furthermore, if it isn’t formed along the energetic lines of the original crystal shape, it may interfere with or completely stop the energy flow.


Clear quartz crystals are the most important stones to carry in your stores. With the focus on the color stones, much of the information about working with these stones is being lost. They are the “work horses” of the healing stone and crystal world. You can do things with a clear quartz crystal that are largely not possible with other stones. For example, using a clear quartz crystal you can raise energy, lower energy, draw out energy, project and transmit energy. They will naturally amplify and energize anything they are coupled with whether it be our physical body, the environment around us, or the effects of sound, color, intention, visualization, and emotion. There is not one thing a color stone can do that a clear quartz crystal can’t also do, especially a natural quartz crystal. This is because clear quartz crystals can be energetically programmed with any color and it will not only act as if it is that color, but it will also amplify the color’s effect. Clear quartz crystals can also be energetically programmed with sound, thought, feeling, or any other influence and it will act accordingly. If you program a clear quartz crystal with love, for example, it will project that.


The most important thing to know about stones and crystals is that though there may be some rather limited energetic changes on a subtle level when certain stones are placed on or near the body, the stones and crystals do their best work when they are coupled with our focused intention. When we concentrate our intention on the stone and the work we want it to do, because of the mind/body connection, changes will likely occur. The more powerful our focus, the more powerful our results will be. Anything else borders on magical thinking, generally relying on the placebo effect. This is not to say that the placebo effect lacks power, but its power is also grounded in intention and the mind. When we talk about “healing crystals” then, we must realize that the stones, themselves, don’t do the healing. We are not the ones doing the healing either. Both stones and ourselves are only tools through which healing happens. The Higher Spirit heals in the way that it will…and in the way that is most appropriate for us. It is vitally important to remember this because to the extent we think that we are the ones doing the healing, or that the stone is doing all the healing, is the extent that we will impede or stop healing from happening. Healing happens in its own way…not necessarily the way we think it should occur. In our crystal and stone healing work then, it is important to realize that we merely set the conditions and step aside and let healing happen.


Besides educating ourselves, what does this mean for our crystal and stone selections for our stores? First, it is important to have a good selection of clear crystal points, both single and double terminated. Display with them one or two crystal books that actually let people know how to actively manipulate the clear crystals to do the healing work. (My latest book, “The Ultimate Guide to Crystals and Stones,” has this information in detail.)  Also have a selection of other stones in their natural state coupled with a chart, or books about the properties of each crystal shape. Books about the seven chakras, sacred geometry and the seven harmonics underlying creation would be excellent to display near the various crystal shapes, perhaps with signage about their meanings and uses. Then have a rainbow selection of tumbled stones for those who just want to lay them on the body, with some display information about what location to place them. One or two books near them providing this information are good. Once caveat, though, is that these books often carry contradictory information that can be confusing. One way to solve this is to instruct your customer to hold the stone over his or her heart chakra or third eye and use their intuition to “hear” how the stone is to be used, noting that this suggested use might change each time that they use the stone. (This is why it is important to be able to “hear” or “listen” to all stones and crystals at the actual time that they are being used, and then to follow that intuitive guidance.) Last but not least, I would recommend that some crystal gazing spheres be displayed as well. People are quite attracted to and fascinated with them and they will help draw your customer to the other stones. Have at least one sizeable clear crystal ball.


Crystal and stone jewelry is very important to have as both “mainstreamers” and “new agers” are attracted to it and will likely make a purchase. It is important to have them set in metals that help in the energy flow of the stone. Generally, rather than pot metal, or base metals, purchase those set in silver, gold, copper, or gold filled metals because they assist in the energy flow rather than “clogging it.” If the stone is set with gobs of glue, or drilled through, it will impede the subtle energy flow or actually stop it from working. If the jewelry piece is set with silver or gold plate, be sure that the underlying metal is a one that will still assist in good energy flow. (I usually don’t recommend plated metals because the underlying metal is often one that impedes energy flow…. and it wears off.) Generally speaking, silver combines the subtle energy of the stone with the gentle, intuitive quality of the moon’s energy, while gold bring the solar or fire quality to the stone. Copper brings both earth and fire. Unless coated, copper will eventually turn brown so become more earth-like. When it is shiny it brings more or the fire quality.



There are a few more things to consider when displaying crystals, stones and jewelry: First, don’t jam the case with too many pieces together. Separate and feature each stone or piece of jewelry. More is not better. If too many are jammed together rather than being individually featured, it will actually slow your sales. Besides being overwhelming, when each piece is featured to look “special, the customer will be able to appreciate their uniqueness and purchase accordingly. (Tumbled stones are the exception for this rule. It is good to have them separated by type in open display compartments so that people can touch and handle them. Having pouches nearby will encourage people to buy multiples.)

When featuring crystals and stones, it is very effective to have some large samples to attract attention. Even if they don’t sell as rapidly because of their expense, they will help sell the smaller ones. (Don’t be afraid to have a high price tag on the larger pieces because that will set the value for the smaller ones.) You might also consider separating stones by color in your displays, each color accompanied by signage informing your customer of the subtle energy represented by that color. For example, have pink stones placed together with the word “love” or a small story of love. Royal blue stones can be placed with word “intuition” or a story about intuition.

Last by not least, it is vitally important that you have lots of light shining upon your stones and jewelry. Without enough light your sales will slow. In other words, less light means less sales. You can never have too much light on them. (You can even visualize the light charging the stones with energy.) It is best to have halogen light, or white light, rather than incandescent yellow-toned light because the yellow light will distort your colors. This is especially important with your clear crystals.  The white light will bring a dazzling clarity to them.

In short, effective and informational displays along with good product selection, is key to good sales of your healing crystals and stones. Above all, be aware…and “listen” to your stones.

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Uma Silbey

Uma Silbey was one of the first to pioneer crystals, gemstones, and ‘energy’ information to the world through her jewelry designs, books, and music. Besides running her jewelry company since the late ‘70s, Uma has authored six books, including her latest The Ultimate Guide to Crystals and Stones, available through New Leaf Distributing Co. She has also recorded 18 albums of meditation music and guided visualization, and twice has been considered for a Grammy nomination, including her latest Altered States. Visit www.umasilbey.com for blogs, articles, music, and newsletters.