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Connect to Spirit to Manifest Life’s Abundance

You and your business are linked by millions of tiny, golden threads that are always flowing between you both… consistently and always.

If you are feeling calm, your business is feeling calm. If you are feeling stressed, your business is feeling this stress also. If you are feeling angry/impatient/joy/love/harmony etc then your business is feeling the pull of these emotions from you also.

Can you remember a time when you noticed this?

Could you recall a day when you felt really stressed out from something happening in your life, and it was so tricky to focus on your work or your customers? If you also explored a day when life just felt great, you were just radiating joy…did you love your day at work so much more? There is a link, right!

You are your business, and your business is you, which makes it important to focus on what you are feeling each day. You are the creatrix who weaves the millions of golden threads. You are always creating your life and what that looks like. When you start each day feeling calm, grounded, and centred, you just feel better, more filled up with bubbles of love and from there, you manifest ease and abundance.

I define a spiritual connection as a sacred connection to something that is sacred to you. You can be spiritually connected or feel a beautiful sense of connectedness to many things such as fairies, mermaids, Vikings, runes, the moon, Goddesses, nature, the ocean, plants, people, God, angels, tarot cards, an oracle card deck, crystals, your business, the bush, a mountain range, a season, your partner, children, sunflowers, snow, music, architecture, a building, museums, animals, pets, songs, a band, etc, etc, etc. There are so many things, objects, people, places, buildings, landscapes and people that you can have a deeply spiritual connection with.


Can you name three somethings’ from the list above that you feel a sacred connection to?

When you see a picture of your three somethings’ in your mind, what is the feeling you feel?


If you have somethings’ that help you feel happy, calm, held, nurtured, loved, at peace, seen, joy, pleasure, awe, ease, grounded, centred, at peace, etc…intentionally infusing these into your life more will help you feel the lovely feelings you want more of in your life.

Your somethings’ matter to you. They will help you follow your intuitive nudges and use the wisdom that flows from your own intuition to create a life filled with your desires. The more you focus on creating the space for your sacred connections to be part of your life, the more you trust that you are supported.

When you feel the yummy feelings you love, you are more naturally creative, you make decisions with ease, you are more patient with your customers, you can direct your staff with more elegance, you can deal with drama easier, and you are more in flow with yourself and your day.

Think about the hundreds of decisions you make every day from what to eat, when to get out of bed, what tasks are the priority today, creating your socials – what that will look like, which product to feature, what sales are coming up, what to wear, who to call back? When you are in a place of calm, peace, and joy, you are more subtlety connected to your body, your mind and your soul essence, these decisions can then be made with a tiny shift in ease and joy.

There are so many ways to connect to yourself in deeper ways. Let’s explore a couple that I love so you can feel inspired to weave them into your life for the next month and observe the subtle difference it makes in your business, your intuition and in your life.


#1 Your Breath

Seems obvious, because even reading this you are breathing right! Your breath is sacred and the link between your soul and your body. Bring your attention to how you are breathing now. Is it up in your throat, coming from your lungs or is it down in your belly? When you breathe from your belly you breathe from the centre of your body. Place your hand on your lower belly and try taking a few breaths from here. Can you feel that subtle little shift of difference in your muscles, your energy? Perhaps you observe that you feel a little bit lighter.

Breathing from the centre of your body enables you to feel more grounded, calmer, and far more connected to this moment. You feel a lovely sense of silence and solace move through your body. You could make an intention to become aware of your connection to your breath this month as a special way to connect to the essence of your soul.


#2 Fill Your Space With Special Things That You Love

These are special objects that when you see them you feel a lovely feeling inside. I love implementing this one because in each moment that I see my sacred objects I feel better – lighter, calmer, more filled with sprinkles of joy and magic! What can you infuse through your home, business, next to your bed, or in your bathroom this month?

If you love fresh flowers, pick some or purchase a bunch and place them next to your bed so first thing in the morning you feel a lovely feeling inside; if you love a certain Goddess, choose an oracle card of her and place it on your mirror so each time you look in that mirror you feel a lovely feeling inside; if you love elephants, place a little elephant statue somewhere special so you can see it throughout your day and feel a lovely feeling inside. When your day is being consistently filled with lovely feelings from the sacred things you love…you feel more supported and held.


#3 Prioritise Creating Time For an Activity or Activities That You Love

These could be hobbies, exercise, creativity, play, community, catching up with family, time with friends, gardening, trips to the beach, a massage, self-care, visiting places you love, adventuring or cooking. Where do you love to go? What would you love to do?

You will feel the benefits when you nurture your desires and weave more pleasure activities through your life. This suggestion can feel overwhelming when you have a busy schedule. Though, remind yourself that you are aiming for an outcome of feeling a sacred connection to yourself, and the world around you. Keep it simple and sustainable by aiming for easy, small changes through your week or month.

When you start to weave a few simple changes in your world, you start to organically feel better. In the feeling better, you feel more connected to your intuition, your desires, and the spirit realms of support available to you. When you feel like you are supported, you begin to trust in the support and in yourself…even more. Remember that you want a life filled with radiant joy and sprinkles of magic! Create the abundant life you desire by aiming to allow even more golden threads of magic to flow into your world. You deserve that!


My home is filled with fresh flowers or foliage, foraged from my garden or the local neighbourhood. I have crystals sprinkled through my home radiating their magic. I create the time to do yoga and pilates three times per week. I pull one oracle card each day, and I play music every morning while I eat my breakfast. I meditate every day and breathe from my belly… tiny changes really do work, send me a message on Instagram of what you noticed in your life by making these changes @niccigaraicoa


With moonbeams of love and a sprinkle of moondust magic,

Nicci Garaicoa XX

Nicci Garaicoa
Author: Nicci Garaicoa

Multi-talented author, speaker, psychic, tantric priestess, medicine woman and Kinesiologist Nicci Garaicoa, writes in ways that connect straight to your heart and fill you up with love. Nicci is the author of the much-loved Moon Goddess Diaries, featured on Amazons best-selling and hot new release lists and the upcoming Moon Goddess Oracle. She is a powerful healer, the author of 5 books, and an intuitive channel of moon goddess and sacred feminine wisdom. Nicci is known across Australia and the world for her Full Moon Meditations, which attract thousands of people to her local beach and are watched worldwide, by thousands more. She has deep connections to Mother Earth and to the Moon, which enables her to bring through abundant support into all her projects. Nicci can often be found somewhere in nature, paddling on the ocean, walking through the Australian bush or bathing under the Moon, with her children or puppies Toby and George. To know more, visit:

Website: http://www.niccigaraicoa.com