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Retail Design Trends for 2020

Decisions about what merchandise to sell is an important component of gift shop ownership, but perhaps equally crucial is store design, followed by product placement. After all, shop owners are storytellers, and the goal should be to convey that story in an understandable and memorable way. Joanne Rossman is the owner of a gift shop...CONTINUE READING

The Re-Commerce Business

The cake was cut (one vegan and one traditional), the presents unwrapped, and the 30 women attending the baby shower had segregated into their generational and cultural subgroups. Thirty women laughing and talking where a half-an-hour before, it was polite crickets as we tried to interact with each other during the party games. My brain...CONTINUE READING

Tarot Selling Tips: 10 Sizzling Tips to Increase Your Tarot, Oracle & Inspirational Decks Sales

Your customers may come in regularly to purchase crystals, sage and incense to clear energy from them or at their home and attend your special events. But here’s a big secret – your customers want to know MORE about themselves. They need to know what is going to happen with their love relationships, how something...CONTINUE READING

Metaphysical Cleansing

Do you ever feel tired, sick and uninspired, or find yourself becoming angry and feeling stressed out without knowing the particular reason for feeling this way? If so, perhaps it is time for a metaphysical cleanse. Much like using soap for cleaning the body, a metaphysical cleanse employs various methods to clean your subtle body...CONTINUE READING