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How to Deal With Employee Theft

In the spirit of transparency, I am in the process of recovering from a massive embezzlement from a trusted employee. Between direct theft, costs, fees, and interest, we are looking at $120,000 of loss. It’s shocking, shameful, and emotionally devastating, but I am sad to say – it’s also quite common. When I first found...CONTINUE READING

Brick and Mortar Shops vs. E-Commerce

Brick and mortar shops are competing with a fierce opponent: the internet. It’s hard to beat the convenience of a shopping experience that simply involves scrolling and clicking. However, brick and mortar stores have some things that online shopping cannot provide: one-on-one relationships, human interaction, and the incomparable experience of engaging the senses. Although some...CONTINUE READING

For Great Holiday Sales: Create a Memorable Customer Experience

The holiday season is not only a time for celebrating, it’s also a time for gift shopping. For merchants, it is also the most important sales period of the year. Holiday business sometimes makes the difference between profit or loss. That being the case, it is vitally important that you, the store owner, do whatever...CONTINUE READING

15 Sound Healing & Meditation Products to Feature In Stores This Holiday

My husband, Dean Evenson, and I recently joined 35 sound healers for The Shift Network’s Sound Healing Global Summit. It was thrilling to be in the ‘virtual’ company of so many pioneers in this domain and we were inspired by the depth and breadth of information presented. We also came to realize the vast array...CONTINUE READING