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Becoming Fearless During Difficult Times

Dwelling is the awareness of our infinite self, unbounded fearlessness will blossom within.         During a crisis, there is possibly no more fundamental emotional reaction than fear. Stemming from earlier primitive reactions designed to survive various threats, fear can motivate you in several directions: It can make you run away. It can bring...CONTINUE READING

Fall in Love with Candles

As a savvy business person, you’re probably aware of many of the benefits to having candles in your product mix: they’re great for eye-catching and colorful displays, they make great gifts, and they are consumable, so loyal customers will always come back for more. But as a spiritual business owner, there is something extra that...CONTINUE READING

The Handmade Business Reimagined

As a conscious, dedicated body-mind-spirit indie business, undoubtedly your mission-driven direction is clear. Yet, you’re hesitant to jump in to add handmade products to your inventory mix. Maybe you’re concerned about not getting enough merchandise from a small production source. Or, you may fear that makers won’t be businesslike to work with, or their quality...CONTINUE READING