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Simple, Effective Stretches and Exercises to Do From Your Desk

When your mind gets too busy, it’s time to move your body. There are several ways that you can get moving while at work that can help the mind to balance and improve your energy in order to become more productive. Stretch breaks, meditation bursts and joint stimulators are key elements to making your work...CONTINUE READING

Holiday De-Stress Plan

Now that it’s early fall, it’s time to make sure that you have a well-thought-out, fact-based, business plan. Among other things, this plan should have a realistic projected sales goal, a list of inventory needed, and purchases made that will get the inventory delivered in time to adequately stock up. The sales forecasting shouldn’t be...CONTINUE READING

Tying Your Marketing Together

In 2018 I took no less than 10 courses in marketing. I went to conferences, took the online courses for branding, Instagram, newsletters and met with marketing professionals to rebuild my website. I was drowning in marketing information and I was more confused than when I started. I realized my business size landed in the...CONTINUE READING