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Fair Trade Brands

Fair trade brands impact the artisan communities by helping to provide economic security, and they impact the environment by being thoughtful stewards of the planet, using eco-friendly materials. Fair trade also helps consumers be socially conscious in their purchasing decisions. Fair trade can trace its roots to the 1940s with the founding of Ten Thousand...CONTINUE READING

The Small Business Community & Conscious Living Culture: A world-changing way of doing business

"You are an integral part of the future that’s calling us all forward into conscious, planetary-minded stewardship."   Back a couple of decades ago, when the word green just meant a color some people looked good in, or a place to play golf, the idea of a culture based on conscious living was just a...CONTINUE READING

Body-Mind-Spirit: What is in the Name?

We all tend at times to employ labels to help identify or categorize various thought systems and ideologies. We use them as a way to sort and classify the enormous amount of information we are presented with each day. That is especially true when talking about the Body-Mind-Spirit industry, sometimes misdescribed or misnamed as the...CONTINUE READING