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Changing Landscape for New Age Musicians & Sound Healers

The times they are a changing! But what else is new? Change seems to be the name of the game in the music business. In speaking with musician friends about the unusual times we are experiencing, there are several themes arising. First, because of the changing formats in music distribution, fewer stores are carrying CDs....CONTINUE READING

The Future of Trade Shows

Normally, summer months are busy for everyone in our industry. Vendors are running from trade show to trade show while retailers are excitedly placing orders and managing busy shops back home. This year, due to COVID-19 and sheltering-in-place orders that have caused trade show cancelations and stores to close, the way we do business has...CONTINUE READING

RETAIL: The Landscape of Changes

Normalcy is out the window in 2020. While some scientists may have called it, most people did not expect to be dealing with a global pandemic this year. Apart from the devastating virus affecting millions, it also wreaked havoc with the American economy, particularly as non-essential retailers were ordered to shutter their doors during several...CONTINUE READING

A Quest for Hope in Pandora’s Box

During this dark time of a worldwide pandemic, unprecedented unemployment, civil rights protests, and an upcoming presidential election, it may feel like humans opened up Pandora’s Box. Pandora, of the famous Greek myth, opened a box that released sickness, death, and other evils onto Earth. Pandora also released hope into the world. Her curiosity in...CONTINUE READING