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Adding Videos to Your Marketing Mix

It’s undeniable that video has become an important method of communication for many businesses today. Whether you sell through a brick and mortar shop or online, it’s an effective way to connect with customers and retailers. What’s more, wholesalers who are maximizing their online brand presence are seeing results in their bottom line.

Vanessa Williams, senior manager of Integrated Strategy & Promotions at Ignite Social Media, agrees that video needs to be a part of your 2019 business plan. “Platforms are continuing to prioritize video content within their news feed,” she says. “Video is also more memorable than other types of marketing. A study by Brightcove found that 21 percent of consumers considered video to be the most memorable form of content—ranking it above email, display ads and text ads.”

Williams adds that video helps to drive online purchases, too. That same Brightcove study found that 85 percent of millennials have purchased a product after watching a video, she notes.

With a number of platforms available for posting video, which ones are best for independent retailers and wholesalers? Here are three to consider and ideas on what to share on them based on your marketing goals this year.

Instagram Stories

Posting videos on Instagram is an option, but posting Stories is akin to watching reality television. It’s not permanent and more “real time” than a post that remains in your feed. Stories can include 15-second videos, photos or just text.

How do you decide if something is worth posting on your feed or as a Story? If you want something to stay on your feed, then post it. If you’d prefer to give something a shorter shelf life, such as an unboxing video or a selfie with your favorite customers or a rep, and you’re fine with it disappearing after 24 hours (which is how long Instagram Stories last, unless you save it as a highlight), then post it as a Story. Unlike a post, Stories help you connect with customers in a different way because they’re given a bit of a “behind-the-scenes” access to you and your store’s personality.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live first came on the social media scene in the summer of 2015, but it wasn’t until April 2016 that most of us who weren’t celebrities could really put it to use. Then all of a sudden everyone from the New York Times to local restaurants were streaming live video footage.

Since Facebook rewards activity and engagement, Facebook Live extends your organic reach because customers are engaging with your brand. More than that, Facebook Live really allows your customers to interact with you even when they’re not physically at your business which makes it an especially powerful marketing tactic.

What to broadcast on Facebook Live? Some retailers use it to do countdowns (like 14 days until July 4th) or weekly on a specific day of the week where they showcase new arrivals, host a mini fashion show or conduct a Q & A with an artist. The best part of a Facebook Live is customers can actively ask questions and comment through the app as you’re streaming so you can respond live.

If you’re considering Facebook Live as part of your marketing mix this year, consider what you hope to achieve by going live. Are you trying to drive traffic to your website or get people through your doors? Are you promoting a specific line or introducing a new category and you’re inviting feedback? Can you use it as a mini focus group to ask their opinion about certain lines?


With the advent of Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, it seems like we’re hearing less about YouTube but make no mistake, YouTube is still very much a player and younger generations are quite keen on the platform. YouTube’s appeal is it offers a much broader reach since you’re not just speaking to your followers. With the right video content, video name, description and use of keywords, you can open reach new audiences. Have a flair for fashion or beauty tips? Maybe a YouTube channel makes sense.




Megy Karydes
Author: Megy Karydes

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