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Author / Roberta Gazzarolle

The book review column has been refreshed, and the books selected are now a preview of what’s NEW and UPCOMING in the conscious living category, starting this month. We want to optimize your search for uplifting and inspiring books that can bring positive message and engage your customer’s spirit this Holidays, and what a better...CONTINUE READING
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Sound Healing Tuning Forks

Meet Our Vendors: Ohm Therapeutics

Ohm Therapeutics represents the clinical experience and works of Sound Healing pioneer Marjorie de Muynck (1952-2011), a multi-instrumentalist, composer and author of two textbooks about vibrational healing with tuning forks[1]. In addition, her musical works include four CDs in the key of Ohm™ – healing music that harmonizes with Ohm Tuning Forks, enhancing their effectiveness....CONTINUE READING