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Author / Melinda Carver

A Quest for Hope in Pandora’s Box

During this dark time of a worldwide pandemic, unprecedented unemployment, civil rights protests, and an upcoming presidential election, it may feel like humans opened up Pandora’s Box. Pandora, of the famous Greek myth, opened a box that released sickness, death, and other evils onto Earth. Pandora also released hope into the world. Her curiosity in...CONTINUE READING

Five Ways to Stop Blocking Your Prosperity in the Retail Landscape

Most people are creatures of habit. Store owners frequently state “We do not want to change anything; we just want to increase our bottom line.” when meeting with a business consultant. This refusal by some retailers can be a huge stumbling block and impede your store’s success.  With the explosion of online retailers and same...CONTINUE READING
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Tarot Selling Tips: 10 Sizzling Tips to Increase Your Tarot, Oracle & Inspirational Decks Sales

Your customers may come in regularly to purchase crystals, sage and incense to clear energy from them or at their home and attend your special events. But here’s a big secret – your customers want to know MORE about themselves. They need to know what is going to happen with their love relationships, how something...CONTINUE READING