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Author / Megy Karydes

5 Ways to Attract Customers & Make Sales During a Pandemic

How does a small and independent retailer sell garlic bulbs during a global pandemic? Instagram is one tool. How does another let her customers know she’s available to curate gifts without customers needing to leave their house? Facebook. How does another introduce a new apparel line? Email newsletter. As a customer, I’ve bought from each...CONTINUE READING

The Future of Trade Shows

Normally, summer months are busy for everyone in our industry. Vendors are running from trade show to trade show while retailers are excitedly placing orders and managing busy shops back home. This year, due to COVID-19 and sheltering-in-place orders that have caused trade show cancelations and stores to close, the way we do business has...CONTINUE READING

Programmatic Advertising

If you’ve not begun experimenting with programmatic advertising, the time to start is now. What Exactly is Programmatic Advertising? Programmatic advertising is a way to buy ads that's automated by machines, which makes it more efficient, faster, cheaper, and more targeted. Hits all the high notes, right? It’s different from traditional digital advertising in that...CONTINUE READING

Using the ACT method to build a successful online marketing approach

Social media belongs to consumers. As a result, traditional marketing rules don’t apply. In the last issue, we discussed the need to market to each generation differently since a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Similarly, we’d be wise to take the time to understand the mindset of people using social media so we can use it...CONTINUE READING

The ABCs of Marketing to Generations X, Y & Z

We’d be hard-pressed to find customers who don’t have their smartphone within arms-reach at any given time, whether they’re part of the Baby Boomer or Gen Z generation. While marketing must embrace digital, how we market to each generation isn’t one size fits all and the reason is a reflection of how each generation grew...CONTINUE READING