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Author / Hilary Daninhirsch

RETAIL: The Landscape of Changes

Normalcy is out the window in 2020. While some scientists may have called it, most people did not expect to be dealing with a global pandemic this year. Apart from the devastating virus affecting millions, it also wreaked havoc with the American economy, particularly as non-essential retailers were ordered to shutter their doors during several...CONTINUE READING

Fair Trade Brands

Fair trade brands impact the artisan communities by helping to provide economic security, and they impact the environment by being thoughtful stewards of the planet, using eco-friendly materials. Fair trade also helps consumers be socially conscious in their purchasing decisions. Fair trade can trace its roots to the 1940s with the founding of Ten Thousand...CONTINUE READING

Retail Design Trends for 2020

Decisions about what merchandise to sell is an important component of gift shop ownership, but perhaps equally crucial is store design, followed by product placement. After all, shop owners are storytellers, and the goal should be to convey that story in an understandable and memorable way. Joanne Rossman is the owner of a gift shop...CONTINUE READING

Brick and Mortar Shops vs. E-Commerce

Brick and mortar shops are competing with a fierce opponent: the internet. It’s hard to beat the convenience of a shopping experience that simply involves scrolling and clicking. However, brick and mortar stores have some things that online shopping cannot provide: one-on-one relationships, human interaction, and the incomparable experience of engaging the senses. Although some...CONTINUE READING