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The Four Bodies: The Physical Body

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Your presence here on earth depends upon being in a body. In terms of the four lower bodies, your physical body is the most important element even though each of us want balance between all four lower bodies. It’s funny when you think about this, but you could be walking around with pains in your emotional or etheric body or even your mental body. But when you suffer from pain in the physical body… you very likely stop everything to fix it.

Your physical body is the conduit through which you receive and convey your experiences of the world. Your presence here is extremely important. As part of the recognizance team here on earth, you may be surprised to learn that your presence on the Earth may be a function of bringing more light to the planet. Being present in your body is sometimes difficult when you have had emotional trauma. Whether you are fully human or a hybrid, your physical presence is paramount.

Your physical body is the experiencer of consciousness. Without a body, you are only consciousness. When you lose your physical body (as in death) you lose your emotional body and mental body as well. The etheric body can move and replicate a feeling of having a physical body to the etheric senses, but not to other people. Your etheric body (as a ghost) could also move into someone else’s body. We call that spirit possession.

If you are reading this, you have a physical body. If you have a physical body, you also have a body elemental. Your body elemental is a gift from Mother Earth. She bestowed this body elemental in you, to help you acclimate to this earth. In one study conducted to learn the natural rhythm of the human, done in Las Vegas at a place without windows, subjects were allowed to do whatever they wanted with their time, play games, read, sleep, etc., but not any timed events like movies or music. What they found is that the average cycle for humans is 20 hours awake, 10 hours of sleeping. When I learned this, I realized that humans couldn’t be from here. It is one more reminder of how very important the body elemental is to help us fit in here.

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual violence of all kinds leave an energetic imprint until cleared. This is why the Understanding Your Four Lower Bodies series was created (see prior issues of Retailing Insight) so you could begin to understand the power you hold in each of your four lower bodies and how to maximize that power.

If your body is a spaceship, and it is; and you name it “The Enterprise,” then your body elemental is “Scotty.” It helps to have a perspective on what exactly the body elemental does. It runs all your autonomic processes, and it keeps your body running smoothly. You can train your body and body elemental to respond to your commands with autogenic training. There is a lot of scientific evidence to prove you can train your autonomic muscles, the lungs, and stomach, along with other organs.

As a healing technique Autogenesis has been around for over 80 years, autogenics is a modality, a self-regulating technique that teaches your body to respond to your commands, so you can gain control of your heart rate, digestion, breathing, and more. Although it is not completely understood how it works, it is scientifically proven to help individuals with chronic stressful conditions such as asthma to train the body not to drop into a crisis modality. I recorded a guided autogenics meditation for myself and then made it available to the public. I added binaural beats to enhance the efficacy of the training. I used it myself when I was going into anaphylactic shock from sensitivity to mold and some other breathable foreign substances when I was suffering from lung issues.

You may give your body elemental continuing education for a variety of skills that you may need, health issues that need to heal, and also instructions so you can stay younger. You can have your Higher Self escort your Body elemental to schools in the etheric to learn new skills and to acquire the latest technology for rapidly emerging crystalline-based bodies. Never send your body elemental for continuing ed on its own. It doesn’t have a will, and relies on programing. That’s why your Higher self must be the escort. I have also activated the self-healing DNA cells that were disengaged from our original divine DNA blueprint.

I meditated for a year trying to figure this out once I knew there were beings that had disconnected this self-healing part of ourselves which also regulates aging. Concerning our missing DNA strands, the fallen angels could not steal them, only hide them. I finally realized they had tucked them into a lower dimension, where we would not look, as we ascend.

Your body will give you messages when you train yourself to do it. Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you know bad news is coming, or the feeling of joy or anticipation when you know good news is on the way? Maybe your heart has “skipped a beat” when you meet someone, or you connect with a long-lost friend. My Higher Self Training relies on you recognizing the body sensations that may come in as yes/no signals, which we train you to recognize.

Your body is your temple and that means you can choose to act accordingly, keeping your body in good health, with proper fitness, maybe walking in the park to connect with Mother Earth. Ideally, you will find places you can be barefoot, since that offers the most connection with Earth. You also need proper rest. All of your functions rely on proper rest. Including your higher-purpose glands like the chakras.

The pineal gland is the connection to the higher states of consciousness. One of the ways to pro-actively give your pineal a rest and chance to rejuvenate is to use an eye mask for sleeping during any kind of sleep including naps. This powerful gift of no-light means your pineal gland, your gateway to spiritual work, is getting the rest and rejuvenation that it needs. This means you schedule time for breaks or walks into your busy day along with naps and enough rest to rejuvenate. Some of you are so busy with your day-to-day chores or work that you push yourself beyond healthy limits for your body, and then can be overtired, which adds stress on all your four lower bodies, especially your physical body.

The physical body is the experiencer who receives all the information from the three other bodies and helps you learn who you really are. It is the fullest expression of Source in the physical. Let’s make the most of it. This brings us to Ascension Symptoms. The physical body has three areas of progression – the upper physical body thrives with balanced rest, food, exercise and time in nature. The middle physical body calibrates with Mother Earth. This is why your connection to your earthstar chakra is so very important. This is emphasized in numerous of my guided meditations, such as 5D Merkaba or the Spiral Chakra Meditation. Your lower physical body is focused on desires such as greed, lust and avarice. This is where working with the five Dhyani Buddhas is so helpful. I have made a recording of singing their names along with the five poisons they clear that will be available publicly.

Certain ascension symptoms are now presenting in your world. Being aware of them will give you a peace of mind, even with the discomfort. Understand that ascension symptoms can be extremely mysterious and hard on the body. A short list is given below that may be helpful in case your doctors cannot find the cause.

When you cannot determine the cause of these symptoms through traditional doctors or through alternative healers, consider they may be coming from the many upgrades you may be getting in your body. Remember your physical body will become the ascended master you. You will not need to die to make this happen.

Symptoms can include headaches due to the expansion of your pineal. You may experience vertigo, dizziness, forgetfulness, joint and body pain or aches, cramps in your legs, changes in your sight and in your awareness of your immediate space. You may feel feverish, or flu-like symptoms, cramps, and diarrhea, or even kundalini experiences. This may result in anxiety attacks that come and go quickly. Many of these upgrades can occur at night, and you might wake up for “no reason” and decide to use the bathroom. This is often a signal that you are “giving permission” to whatever upgrade the ETs of the light may be assisting you with. Announcing “I am waking up well rested no matter what the night holds” will also ease this transformation.

Remember that as a vessel of light, you are being upgraded in many ways. We have chosen this path, albeit painful. One way to address this is to notice this is happening, and to say the following prayer,

I ask that this divine upgrade assist me and allow me to pursue my highest purpose in this lifetime with the most evolved appearance possible and expressing the kindest and most generous and gentle way. Amen


Self-care of the physical body is your highest priority right now. Massage, body work, cranial sacral work, long baths, etc., will do much for the integration of this new evolved energy. You are becoming fifth-dimensional. Seek not to understand, but to integrate it with grace and ease.

Maureen J St Germain
Author: Maureen J St Germain

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