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The Four Bodies: The Mental Body

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There are four lower bodies as referred to the spiritual literature. Mental, Physical, Emotional and Etheric.

The mental body is an expression of an aspect of you — that is often referred to through the Four Lower Bodies. The four lower bodies are representative of certain energy systems that are connected to the “field” — the vibrational data set also referred to as the matrix. And they are also connected to the Chakra system, as the Chakras receive, and supply information from those around you, as well as from the field.

The four lower bodies are light vehicles that have consciousness and are directly related to your consciousness. They do not lead, but reflect the experiences that you take in. Therefore, they are receptors and warehouses for information collected from human experiences. Know that they are collecting data from the five senses along with the seven chakras. If your Higher Self is connected and used regularly it is also contributing to the data expansion. Know that all that data is (orgasmic) to source. It is so pleasing and expansive that it contributes to Source’s delight. Your every experience is your raison d’être (the most important purpose for being). Be in gratitude that you are the resource for this expansion.

Know that your mental body is alive, with juiciness, like all the four lower bodies. It carefully curates all incoming experience to form a cohesive and coherent whole. To keep your mental body clear, keep your thoughts clean and pure. Invite uplifting experiences to amplify and intensify your spiritual mastery.

We are starting this four-part series with The Mental Body because humanity is so very mental these days. For sure it is not the most important aspect of who you are, but it is an important element of you that may have become out of balance!

Your mental body is the container of your thoughts. Your thoughts are not you, although many discussions of consciousness indicate that when you think makes you conscious. That may seem backwards, but a thinking man is conscious. We do NOT imagine (even if it is so) that animals “think” or have consciousness. We know, that when we contemplate our awareness, we are accessing consciousness. Our consciousness is mostly contained in the mental body. When we think about ourselves, what we experience emotionally, physically or energetically all impact consciousness, and are “sorted and defined’ by our mental body.

An important purpose of the mental body is to sort and define all experiences. In this way we are able to “add to the data base.” Adding to the data base, or “experiences” are why we incarnate. Else, why bother if you are already part of everything? Humans separate from that which is inseparable, in order to expand the consciousness of Source!

Your mental body also helps you form mental images based on your needs and desires, along with the material world you live in. You use your mental body to project your ideas along with your sense of who you are, your identity. This impacts what you think you can do. As you open up to your gifts your mental body will record those perceptions as well. It is important to remain neutral, and not permit your mind to interpret these subtle experiences, but allow them into the soup of higher consciousness, to meld and blend into your fully awakened self.

Mass consciousness has influenced the mental body and has succeeded in programing the human’s mental body. Not everyone is influenced thusly. Mass agreement may cause mass psychosis. Programing being broadcast over the airwaves such as cell phone antennas, along with microwaves towers are broadcasting programing to help you forget who you really are, a God-Free Being, and may program you to forget the Truth that you read about and hear.

Yes, but how will you remember who you are? Your primary vehicle to remember your God-Self is meditation. This will enable you to elevate yourself beyond the projections on mass consciousness. This is because mass consciousness mostly exists at a certain frequency. If your frequency is not the mass consciousness level (usually around 350-440 according to the David Hawkins scale) and you are above those numbers, then you will not be impacted by those broadcasts. Your meditation and other spiritual practices will elevate you beyond those frequencies. You do not need to shield yourself from these broadcasts, instead elevate yourself beyond them.

Remember that your mental body is receiving these waves like a radio. If you are not tuned to those frequencies, you will not need to be concerned about their impact on you. However, you may wish to be aware of the impact on others. Also, it is important to note that your ability to receive and then vibrate at higher frequencies does not make you better than others. This is a common attitude that actually lowers your frequency. Instead look for ways to advance your abilities so that you can broadcast the higher frequencies towards others, elevating them, that they too may be able to rise above the mass consciousness programing.

Your mental body is a gateway for information that you can accept or reject. Humanity is on the cusp of major transformation. You are a wayshower.

There are many ways humans receive information. They do this through subtle and not so subtle ways. You use your mental body to receive data and sort data. If you allow your mental body to “run the show” you will not be able to understand the subtleties of the other receptors of information such as the Chakras and the other lower bodies.



Maureen J St Germain
Author: Maureen J St Germain

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