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The Art of Manifesting Anything You Want with Ease

3 Powerful Ways to Supercharge Your Manifesting Skills and Attract Your True Desires


“Manifesting” has been a big part of New Age culture for many years now. Remember back in the 2000s when Rhonda Byrne’s book and movie The Secret swept through the world of personal development and spirituality? At that time, thousands – maybe even millions – of people were excited to learn more about the Law of Attraction, and everyone seemed to be manifesting something or other.

But things have changed since then. Many manifesting enthusiasts have discovered – much to their dismay – that chanting positive affirmations, doing lots of visualizations, or investing time and energy in creating the “perfect” vision board doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll successfully manifest everything on that board.

If you’ve seen mixed results or experienced blocks and challenges in your manifesting journey, the first thing to know is you’re not doing anything wrong.

You see, there’s a piece of the manifesting puzzle that most people don’t know about: becoming a masterful manifestor isn’t so much about what you are doing but who you are being. When you tune into who you are and what you really want and learn to accept and love all of yourself, your ability to manifest becomes boundless.

The following are 3 tried-and-tested ways you can implement right away to rise above the pitfalls of “mainstream manifesting methods,” supercharge your manifesting skills and start attracting your true desires with ease.


#1 Recognize Your True Desires

Most people don’t realize that desire has two faces – true desire and false desire. True desires are purely yours. They arise from deep within, and they’re what you really want. On the other hand, false desires come from external sources such as family or societal expectations and are usually seeded in our hearts and minds early in our lives.

False desires can feel like true desires, but they’re not! For instance, you might believe you want to manifest a life partner and start a family, but it could be something your parents want for you, not what you want for yourself.

So, how can you tell the difference between true and false desires? You know it’s a true desire when you feel genuinely excited about what you want to manifest. When it’s a false desire, you’ll experience resistance, which usually shows up as one or more uncomfortable emotions like fear, doubt, anxiety, or even anger.

Here’s a quick practice you can do to tell the difference between true and false desires: begin by placing your hands over your heart chakra in the center of your chest. Next, bring your attention to your emotions. Circling back to our earlier example, state what you want to manifest out loud:

“I want to manifest a life partner and start a family.”

If you feel agitated, worried, or there’s a feeling of heaviness around your heart chakra, it’s a false desire, but if you feel enthusiastic, open, expansive, or there’s a sense of lightness around your heart chakra, you’ve landed on a true desire.

Knowing how to recognize your true desires gives you crystal clarity on what you want. When you focus on calling in desires that are truly yours, your manifesting journey will become joyful, easy, and a lot more fun.


#2 Love Your Secret Shadow

The Secret Shadow is the part of you that feels unacceptable and unlovable—essentially, the things you say, do, and think that you believe are bad or wrong. It is a fusion of rejected emotions like conceit, greed, or envy and behaviors you believe are sneaky, stingy, or abhorrent in some way.

When we dismiss our Secret Shadow or try to pretend it doesn’t exist, we’re really practicing self-rejection, which is the opposite of self-love. It takes an enormous amount of energy to hide the Secret Shadow, energy that blocks us from connecting with who we truly are.

The following exercise can help you safely “speak” with your Secret Shadow so you can begin to open your heart to this rejected part of yourself and heal through the magical energy of profound self-love and acceptance.

First, find a quiet corner where you will be undisturbed. Have a pen or pencil and a notebook or journal handy. Set your intention for this exercise by saying the following words to yourself or out loud.

I wish to recognize and reconcile with my Secret Shadow with a heart full of love and acceptance.

Now open your journal to a fresh page, or use a fresh sheet in a notebook, pick up your pen, and state this question out loud:

My dear Secret Shadow, what would you like me to know?


Start writing anything that enters your consciousness. Don’t give yourself time to think. Just write and keep writing without pause or judgment no matter what comes through, including painful, unexpected, or unpleasant thoughts, memories, insights, or emotions.

You can stop writing when nothing else flows into your mind and heart or when you feel complete. When you’re done, sit quietly for a moment and declare the following out loud:


I love you [insert your own name].

I love you wholly and completely

I love you, my Secret Shadow

I love that which is my Light, and I love that which is Secret Shadow


Give yourself a moment to let the words sink in as you allow love to rise in your heart. Follow your declaration with these healing words, which are from the ancient Lovingkindness meditation and mantra:


May I be happy and free from suffering

May I be safe from harm

May I be healthy, peaceful, and strong

May I live with ease


You can do this powerful exercise as many times as you want, knowing that each time you do it, you’re giving yourself permission to fully love all of yourself without holding back.

Embracing your Secret Shadow in this way will quickly unblock stuck energy and amplify your ability to manifest your true desires. You’ll also experience beautiful “side effects,” including more love and joy flowing into your life, genuine inner peace, and a sense of calm confidence when it comes to speaking up for yourself and asking for what you want in all aspects of your life.


#3 Practice Radical Receiving

One of the most effective ways to manifest your true desires easily is to learn to receive with an open heart. Unfortunately, for most people—especially those of us who come from cultures and societies that value independence and self-reliance—the simple act of receiving can feel wildly uncomfortable and stressful.

We are taught to get things done on our own and without “bothering” other people, so we feel comfortable giving to others but supremely awkward when it’s time to receive. But when we fail to actively practice our inborn right to receive, we interrupt the flow of energies that sustain the delicate balance of our personal energy system. All things in nature exist in this balance. Where there is winter, there is summer; where there is starlight, there is sunlight; and where there is giving, there must be receiving. When we give without receiving, we disrupt this balance and unknowingly obstruct our ability to manifest. That’s where Radical Receiving comes in!

Radical Receiving is a playful yet powerful practice with one fundamental goal: finding reasons, excuses, and opportunities to receive. Receive compliments, support, love, praise, and gifts—even big or expensive ones that might make you feel uncomfortable—with a simple thank you from the heart.

Whatever happens, do your best to avoid saying things like “Oh, that’s okay. I can do this on my own,” or “You shouldn’t have,” or “It’s too expensive” when someone gives to you. Not only is this likely to disappoint and frustrate the person who was kind enough to think of you and your needs, but the Universe hears you saying, “No thanks, I don’t want to receive. Don’t give me anything,” and that’s definitely not what we want to communicate to our all-powerful manifesting ally!

As you continue practicing Radical Receiving, your personal energy will become magnetic, and all good things, including your true desires, will flow to you easily.

So often, we experience sporadic success in our manifesting journey because most mainstream manifesting tools and techniques have very little to do with tuning into a state of being.

But when you shift from doing all-the-things to manifest what you want to fully loving yourself and tuning into being who you are, you’ll find that your true desires arise in your reality with almost no effort on your part. Try it – you’ll see that it works like magic!


Shantini Rajah
Author: Shantini Rajah

Shantini Rajah is a writing and manifesting mentor and she loves helping conscious entrepreneurs find their true voice and manifest a life and business they love. Shantini has worked with some of the biggest names in personal growth, including Mindvalley, Mindvalley o, and Donna Eden. Shantini’s writing has been featured in ELLE, AirAsia’s Travel 3Sixty, Forbes, Inc., Elephant Journal, Thrive Global, Harper’s Bazaar, Hay House Books, and more. Visit her at:

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