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The 4 Building Blocks of Manifestation

Manifesting is a topic I love speaking on, mainly because so many people are often confused by the process itself. For the most part, the art of manifesting is taught and practiced like you are making an online purchase. See something you want, declare it will be yours and then get upset when it does not land on your doorstep like your Amazon prime package.

You see, to truly understand the energy of manifestation you have to move out of the place of wishing and shift into doing. More specifically, doing the small stuff, which in turn magically creates the big stuff. In other words, the process, the path and all the boring pieces no one wants to talk about.

Yet this is the scientifically backed way to manifest anything in your life. Well not anything, there are limits, universal and karmic laws that need to be obeyed and not everyone starts from the same space of cultural or societal privilege, but there are some things in our life we do have some control over.

To get started you need to know the four building blocks to the manifesting process. The ones backed by science that are proven to work again and again. What is even more cool about these four building blocks is that this is exactly how the Angels taught me to manifest. I love when the divine and science align, it makes everything a little more magical!

First, let’s talk about what manifesting actually is. Because this is not about wish fulfillment or spending hours meditating and staring at your navel and hoping for the best. Manifesting, in its purest form, is a neuro hacking process to move your brain and body towards something you truly want. This, in turn, creates an environment so that you can take the necessary action to obtain what you desire with as little resistance as possible.

Humans, by design, are manifesting machines. Yet not everyone is operating on the program they want. Most of us — and I do include myself in this — spend the bulk of our time manifesting things we do not want. Why do we do this? It will become clearer as we move through the four building blocks. So, what are the building blocks for manifesting? The four building blocks of manifesting are:

  1. Be honest
  2. Visualize the steps
  3. Feel it in your body
  4. Do it, you must take action.

These four building blocks are all very simple when you first look at them. But let’s break them down and drill into them to see how we do them, what mistakes to avoid and how you can start right now working with these four very simple steps to manifestation.


1. Be Honest

 It is very easy to list the ‘stuff’ we want. I am sure you have a list inside your head right now and while I will encourage you to get that list out of your mind and onto paper, this is not what the key to this block is. When you think about the ‘stuff’ there is an underlying emotion, one you think this ‘stuff’ is going to help with. So, let’s write it down. What is it that you really truly want to feel? Most of us want to feel safe, loved, needed, appreciated, connected and secure. Your underlying emotion might be something different. But you need to be honest about what it is.

It seems we are always able to emotionally communicate about the things we do not want. We can talk about how we don’t want to feel all the time, which in turn creates situations we do not want. All we are doing here is flipping the script and saying how we want to feel. Now, this is not about toxic positivity, which is painting on a smile and only talking about positive things. This is about you being 100 percent honest with your emotions.


Grab a piece of paper and on it write: “I want (the thing you wish to manifest) … so I can feel… because…” fill in the blanks. This is important as it gives a ‘why’ to your desire. Without a real solid ‘why’ there is no emotional anchor to your manifesting which it needs in order to come from the field of vibrational energy into the plane of physical existence.


2. Visualize the Steps

Research from UCLA says that when you visualize yourself taking an action, it is the same as physically taking that action. In neuroscience this is called hacking into procedural memory, a form of long-term memory. In other words, when we constantly see ourselves taking a specific action, it gets added to our long term memory and before you know it, doing it in real life becomes a habit — not something new.

So why are so many manifestors focused on the end result instead? Because that is what most people tell you to do. But the evidence is clear, focusing on the end result alone disconnects us mentally and emotionally from the very thing we are trying to manifest. The connective part happens by immersing ourselves in the small steps and creating a vortex of completion.

What are the steps you would need to take to manifest your goal? On the piece of paper, you wrote your ‘why’ on, write out every single step. Make sure it is small and bite-sized. Anything too big will create a barrier of resistance. Once you have all the steps mapped out, visualize yourself following your map.


3. Feel it in your Body

Building block three of manifesting is very much intertwined with block number two. Because you don’t just sit and visualize your steps, you have to feel them. This is exactly what Olympic athletes are trained to do, to see every step of the race in their mind’s eye and feel that race in their body. The more you can get into the feeling aspect of the process the easier the fourth and final building block is going to be.

In this step we are adding muscle memory to our long-term memory. This in turn keeps the neuro hacking energy running as we slowly, but surely, embed this manifestation into our minds, bodies and emotions. Feeling yourself taking the actions is so very different from just seeing the end result. This building block connects you to the real life work associated with the manifestation process. Because the price you pay for the things you want is the work it takes to get it.

As you consider the map you created in the last step, see yourself physically doing it. Imagine your body moving in sequence to the steps on your map. Feel each step, conversation and action as if you are doing it right here right now. Doing this two minutes a day will add to your procedural, long-term and muscle memory, building your manifestation in real time.


4. Do It

Now it is time to put it all together. You have practiced this in your mind’s eye, felt it in your body and set up all the neurological pathways in your memory. It is time to bring it into the world outside of your mind and let the vibrations become physical. This one step is the most overlooked in modern teachings of manifesting. But at some point you will need to get up off that meditation cushion and start doing all the little things you have been practicing in your head.

The key to this is to move slowly, intentionally, and strategically. Do not make the mistake of thinking you have to do everything right now. Take one small step at a time and then pause. This pause allows you to see what the effects are of your action. Moving too fast can be just as bad as not moving at all because you can miss short cuts or other incredible opportunities that the path to your manifestation can unfold. Moving slowly also allows you to stay on track, focus and keep good emotional and mental boundaries in place.

Grab your calendar and a black marker. Add the first three steps of your manifestation journey onto your calendar. By making sure you have them on your schedule you are more likely to actually do them. For example, if you are manifesting a new car, step one might very well be to take yourself to a dealership and test drive the car on your list. Or maybe step one is to check your credit score and then take the steps to raise it to where it needs to be. Or maybe step one is to open a savings account just for that new car and make a deposit into it!

These are real tangible steps that move energy towards your goal. You have been practicing this in your head, so it will be much easier to do now as you are working with procedural, long-term and muscle memory. And there you have it, the four building blocks to manifesting that goal, dream or thing your heart desires – short and simple but not always easy. To get the most out of this article do the steps one at a time, do the exercises, and take action!


Leeza Robertson
Author: Leeza Robertson

Leeza Robertson is a best-selling author for Llewellyn worldwide. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and read more of her ramblings on the Word Salad Blog over on sub stack.