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Seasons of the Spirit: Balancing Authenticity with Tradition

New Age Culture is changing. Recent years have opened up the spiritual arts allowing them to be more inclusive and to make space for new ideas. With that comes a change in how we practice some of the traditions of old and the shifting of the seasons are no exception. Perhaps it’s a push to be more authentic or maybe the earth is changing so rapidly that the collective is also feeling out of alignment with the traditional seasons. Either way, it might be spring where you live but for some reason, you just aren’t feeling motivated enough to plant seeds and shine your light. You’re not alone. Many are feeling a deep resonance with spiritual practices that do not match the calendar.

Mystics have always been very good at honoring the shifting of the seasons, zodiac signs, sabbats and moons. We dutifully work our full and new moon rituals each month or change our altars as the next sabbat draws near. We take notice of the sun’s transits, adjusting our intentions as we go and we prepare ourselves to plant an herb garden in spring or practice shadow work in fall, using the wisdom of our ancestors as a guide.

There is a beautiful sense of alignment that happens when you follow the earth and cosmos’ energy. Afterall, who knows how to flow through the changing of seasons year after year, better than our precious earth mother? But what about those times when your personal season doesn’t match that of the almanac?

There may be times when you’re grieving or turning inward in spring although you know this season is normally for awakening your spirit, new beginnings, growth and abundance. Or perhaps the opposite is true and you find yourself experiencing an incredibly expansive era in winter when traditionally the feeling is to slow down, rest, and reflect. Just as nature experiences seasons of growth, abundance, decay, and renewal, so too do our internal landscapes fluctuate over time.

What I call ‘Seasons of the Spirit’ is a concept that encourages you to tune into your internal state of being, akin to the changing seasons of nature, in order to gain insight into your current emotional, mental, and spiritual landscape.

It’s important to remain humble enough to embrace the teachings that are surrounding you and to respect the traditional way of doing things but at the end of the day, your spiritual practice is your own and is about learning to be as true to yourself as possible. It’s just as important to listen to what your soul is guiding you to do. Part of that is learning to respect your spirit’s personal season even when it does not match the current season where you live. You are the expert of your own experiences and no external authority can dictate how you should feel or what season you should be in.

So how do you know if your personal season is different from the earth’s? What do you do when you find you’re experiencing a different era and need an alternative path of support? Finally, how can you respect your personal feelings while also making space for the natural rhythms of the earth and cosmos?


What Season Are You In?

Mindfulness is truly the foundation of any spiritual practice whether that’s astrology or witchcraft, herbalism or meditation. And it requires nothing to get started except a willingness to observe your energy and adjust accordingly. Start by noticing how you feel and keeping a log whenever a strong feeling or thought comes to your awareness. Look for patterns such as a consistent state of motivation, curiosity, joy and new ideas which can indicate your spirit is experiencing a season of spring. Or you may find that you are often lacking clarity, feeling overwhelmed, energetically drained, or feeling the need to withdraw from society. These energies are more in alignment with winter. Don’t stop with your feelings. What do you hear? What do you feel? Pay attention to the subtle changes in your body, your dreams, and even the type of people and experiences you’re attracting. Each of these holds clues to the season you are currently traversing.

If you’re feeling stuck or unable to make sense of what you’re feeling, consider using divination practices such as pendulums, scrying or using tarot and oracle cards. Such practices bring light to what is lurking in your subconscious and provide a way for you to better understand a feeling or emotion that you haven’t been able to give a voice to.

Tarot and oracle specifically will help you to determine what season you’re in and then give practical next steps. If you’re interested in working with an oracle deck made specifically for the shifting of the seasons, consider working with the Seasons of the Witch Oracle Series [1] which includes eight decks, one for each sabbat within the Wheel of the Year. The latest edition is Seasons of the Witch: Litha Oracle and supports you in working with the summery energies of abundance, light and happiness.


Non-Judgement and Acceptance

Rather than labeling certain states as “right” or “wrong,” approach each season with curiosity and openness, recognizing that each has its own unique lessons and opportunities for growth. You can acknowledge your personal cycle while also acknowledging your environment’s season, knowing the two do not need to compete with each other.

Try not to force yourself to experience energies that are not in alignment with where you are. Instead, do your best to sit with what you’re experiencing, offering it the space to teach you the lessons it has to share. If your soul is in a season of growth and new beginnings, seize the opportunity to plant seeds of intention and cultivate new possibilities. Now might be a good time to put plans into motion or to take a big risk. If you find your spirit is in a season of reflection and inner work, honor the need for solitude and introspection, trusting that this period of gestation will ultimately lead to transformation. You may spend more time at home, make self-care a bigger priority for a while, or spend more time reflecting on the past rather than seeking new opportunities for growth.


Seek Out Balance

It’s easy to view the world from your vantage point, getting caught up in the season that surrounds you. However, the earth operates on a grander scale of balance and harmony, where multiple seasons coexist simultaneously. It’s spring in the northern hemisphere and at the same time, fall in the southern hemisphere. Two seemingly competing energies are working together, side by side without getting in each other’s way.

Just as the Earth maintains balance through its diverse seasons, the celestial bodies above offer an incredible dance of harmony and synchronicity. Take, for instance, the relationship between the sun and the moon, two celestial bodies that influence our planet in profound ways. Have you noticed that the full moon is always in the sign directly opposite the sun’s transit? For example, when the sun is in Taurus, the full moon will be in Scorpio. When the sun is in Scorpio, the full moon will always be in Taurus.

You can use this idea in support of your own spiritual practice. Rather than viewing your current energy as a competing force to the earth, you can recognize it as a complementary aspect of a larger whole. Just as the spring of one hemisphere enriches the autumn of another, and the sun’s warmth finds its counterpart in the moon’s luminosity, so too can you find harmony amidst apparent contradictions.

Take some time to journal about what you’re feeling. Reflect upon it and then look at the physical season outside your door. Is your energy complimentary to the earth’s season? Can you see an obvious balance between the two?


Notice Transitional Periods

You may find you are in an energetic space that sits between seasons. Acknowledge that transitions between cycles are natural and inevitable. Just as nature transitions gradually from one season to the next, you may experience periods of transition in your life where you move from one emotional or energetic state to another. These transitional periods can be times of uncertainty and growth, as you navigate the space between what was and what is to come.

Just like the earth, you can experience two completely different energies at one time. There is no need to feel the pressure to be any one thing. You can be sad in one part of your life while also experiencing happiness in another part. Your love life can be in a season of winter while your career is in a season of summer or both could be transitioning slowly from winter to spring. Humans are complex and more often than not, you will find that it takes time to get from one season to the next.

By recognizing your personal season, you can gain valuable insights into your current needs, desires, and challenges. This awareness allows you to make conscious choices about how to best support yourself and navigate your journey with mindfulness and intention rather than relying on external authorities to determine how you express yourself. By trusting your inner wisdom and intuition when assessing your current season, you’re likely to find you are much more in balance with the earth and cosmos than you realize.



[1] https://www.spiritelement.co/decks

Lorriane Anderson
Author: Lorriane Anderson

Lorriane Anderson is a tarot reader, astrologer, spiritual teacher, writer, and soul-based entrepreneur. Her work focuses heavily on sacred and intentional living as well as using spiritual practices as a pathway for profound healing, growth, and transformation. She is heavily influenced by her diverse lineage, bringing together healing practices from her ancestors in a practical, updated way. She owns and operates Spirit Element, a soul-based apothecary and Made with Stardust, which provides private label development and supplies for spiritual-based businesses. Her published works include the Seasons of the Witch Oracle series and The Witch’s Apothecary amongst others. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.