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Say ‘Yes’ to Yourself to Help Manifest the Life You Want

There is a quote I have taped to my desktop that I reference daily: “Find the courage to ask for what you want. Others have the right to tell you yes or no, but you always have the right to ask. Likewise, everybody has the right to ask for what they want, and you have the right to say yes or no.”

Manifestation is about attracting something tangible to your life through your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions and actions. It’s not just about positive thinking, but it is about believing you’re worth whatever you’re trying to manifest.

People choose to manifest different things – from meeting someone you’d like to spend your life with to changing jobs. It could be to get into better shape or for a new opportunity to open up.

While I do believe speaking our intentions is powerful, I’m also a firm believer in putting things into action whenever I can. Hence my quote on my desktop.


Make Your Intentions Clear

What is it you want to manifest? Is something stressing you out so much that your health is suffering? Or you’re dreaming of opening up a second business but the timing seems off right now because of finances or some other reason?

Take the time to visualize what you want and how it’ll be after it comes to fruition. Use tools at your disposal whether it’s to journal about it, create a vision board, collect images that speak to you.

To help you, try to answer the question: What if…? What would happen if what you manifest happens?


Align Your Energy

If you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts or you’re not worthy of what you’re trying to manifest, those negative thoughts will become reality. It’s hard to manifest something if you’re engaging in negative self-taught.

However, if you believe you’re worthy of what you’re manifesting, those positive thoughts translate into positive actions and this includes being grateful for what comes your way.

Take the time to journal or recognize the things for which you’re grateful for at the end of the day. It could be for small things like you a customer paid you a compliment or a vendor took care of an issue so it didn’t snowball into something larger. It could be larger things that add up like eating a healthy lunch and having great energy in the afternoon to go for a nice long walk after you shut down for the day or you resisted the urge to doom scroll for an hour and used that time to read a book or talk with a friend you’ve not spoken to for some time.

Being mindful and thankful for the good that is happening rather than focusing on everything that went wrong during the day can go a long way to manifesting the life you want.


Help Manifest What You Want

Remember the quote I mentioned earlier? What I’ve learned over the years is that saying no to myself is one quick way to block what I’m manifesting.

What would be the worst that could happen if you asked for something? You could get rejected, of course. But what if you didn’t get rejected? What if the person says yes?

This is the power of helping to manifest what you want – you keep working at it. You believe in yourself. You are clear with your intention and what you’re seeking. You can see yourself having achieved what you are manifesting. You’re thankful and grateful for the abundance you already have in your life and you are not afraid to ask for what you want because you deserve it.

Rejection is part of life, but too often we reject ourselves because we don’t believe we’re worthy of whatever we’re seeking. It’s unfair to expect something good to happen to us when we don’t believe it ourselves.

Others may have the right to tell you yes or no, but don’t say no to yourself first. Let them say no because you never know – they might say yes.

You have to say yes to yourself. Say yes to yourself and allow yourself to manifest the life you want.



Megy Karydes
Author: Megy Karydes

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