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Five Sixth Sense Objects to Sell this Holiday Season

Tis the most magical season for retailers – holiday sales time! Share this magic with your customers by showcasing your divination products for their gift-giving needs. These stimulating tools assist your customers in awakening intuition, speaking to Spirit and tapping into the wisdom of the Universe. Prepare for the largest retailer sales extravaganza of the year by offering a diverse selection in your establishment.

Beginner’s Objects

Steer your customers that are dipping their toes into divination for the first time to these tools to raise Spiritual awareness and to unlock their intuitive skills:

  1. Pendulums – Pendulums are super fun and easy objects to use for any age or skill level. They are made from crystals, stones, wood, metals, beach glass and gemstones. Pendulums provide yes or no answers to a seeker’s basic questions about their current and future life. One may even connect to Spirit with a pendulum! Your customers that are beginners to an intuitive life will enjoy mastering a pendulum. Up sell by promoting the velvet pendulum reading mat and pouches, or the guidebooks to using pendulums.

  1. Dowsing Rods – These simple and uncomplicated rods have been in use for centuries to locate water, Spirits and lost objects. Dowsing Rods are made of metal or wood – the most popular version is made out of copper. The seeker holds a pair in their hands and begins to walk and play the old game of “hot and cold.” When the seeker moves closer to the item of their search, the dowsing rods begin to move. Showcase these to paranormal teams and mediums, plus your intuitive beginners. Supplemental sales can be made by offering the leather or velvet rod pouches, plus books explaining how to work the rods.

Intermediate Objects

Guide your customers that are seeking predictive tool, Universal messages and interactions with all Spirit forms to these tools:

  1. Tarot & Oracle Decks – Divination decks remain a top selling item in retail, landing right behind crystals and jewelry. Tarot is the very detail oriented version of a Left Brain – it focuses on the here and now and also predicts the future. For customers in search of clarity on timing, life issues and future events, suggest Tarot. Oracles are the gentle, arty version of the Right Brain – connecting to Spirit and Universal energies. For customers seeking gentle guidance and messages for the way forward, suggest Oracles. Supplement your deck sales by offering deck bags and card spread sheets, and carry a large assortment of learning Tarot books.

  1. Spirit Boards – Also known as Ouija boards, are experiencing growth with many companies coming out with themed art boards to attract new seekers. The artwork may vary, but Spirit boards feature an alphabet with a planchette to move across the board to spell out words from the deceased or higher level spirits. Some customers may be very wary of these boards, it is best to sell these to experienced intuitive customers rather than to beginners. People need to be careful of which spirits they interact with when using this divination tool. Special tablecloths featuring celestial designs would be a great add-on to this sale.

Advanced Objects

Suggest these tools to your customers that yearn to deepen their divination abilities or are seeking a challenge to their skill set:

  1. Crystal Balls & Scrying Mirrors – These divination tools allow the seeker to focus their Sixth Sense into the depths of a crystal to connect to Universal energies. Quartz crystal balls change colors in the light as the seeker gazes into them. Scrying Mirrors, usually obsidian, also provide a focal point to clear the mind and awaken intuitive thoughts. Point your crystal aficionados towards these tools this holiday season. Customers will be more willing to purchase these objects when they have a stand to hold the ball or mirror while working with them, so add wood, metal or plastic stands to your inventory.

Sixth Sense objects are the gateway for your customers to tap into universal intelligent energy, to predict the outcome of the issues in their life, and to feel a connection to oneness. Their desire for this knowledge is at their fingertips when they utilize divination tools. May you prosper this holiday season!

Melinda Carver
Author: Melinda Carver

Melinda Carver is an award-winning author, psychic medium and speaker. She is also the president of the Church of Radiant Lights located in Cleveland, OH. To know more about Carver, visit her website.

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