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5 Ideas to Hosting Deck Artists & Authors in Your Shop

Divination decks remain a hot seller at metaphysical stores and are even available at national retail chains. To counteract lost sales from chains, your store benefits from your ability to offer a vast selection of decks for your customers to choose from. Most of you also offer customers access to psychic readers and host Tarot classes. Another option for you is a spin on the author visit — host the artists and authors of divination decks! Organizing special events featuring these artists and authors will attract new customers and a return of long lost customers.

#1. Contact the Publishers

Place a call to the publisher’s marketing department. You should inquire whether any of their Tarot or Oracle artists or authors lives near you or in your state. Inform the company where your store is located, the size of your space, and provide a general outline of possible activities.  If locals are available, an appearance contract will be negotiated for their appearance at your store. If none are nearby, you will need to determine your budget to cover author expenses for travel and hotel as part of their contract.

#2. Deck Signing

Some of the authors have multiple decks while others have only one. Start with a deck signing to assist with store sales. You should make arrangements with the publisher for enough copies of all of their decks for this event. Customers will want to take photos with the author and to talk for awhile, so have an employee managing the line if it is large. An author meet and greet with refreshments can follow the signing.

#3. Artist Showcase

If you are hosting the artist, request that they bring or ship artwork to your store to set up a showcase. Highlight their signed prints and other mixed media of their divination art. Make sure you have a clean and clear area for their display. You should discuss consignment sales with the artist prior to their appearance. The final pricing agreement should be part of their appearance contract. An artist meet and greet with refreshments can also follow the display sale.

#4. Tarot Class

 Who better to teach “learn to read Tarot” classes than the authors themselves? If the author agrees to teach, ensure that you have enough copies of their deck available for students to purchase. The author will advise you of the class length, participant size allowed and the cost. Following your discussion, the agreements with the author should be part of their appearance contract.

#5. Special Event Announcements

 To generate excitement, advertise! Create in-store fliers listing all of the author’s upcoming events. Post on all of the store’s social media and website. Produce a Facebook Event for each one with specific details, and list in the descriptions the full schedule of their visit. Place local ads and share in Tarot fan groups for those that will want to travel to meet the authors!

Manage these events within your budget, as you know how many customers attend each type of occasion that you host. Stand out from the chains by your ability to produce special events with deck artists and authors. These magical experiences that you create for your customers will keep them coming back to your store. In our ever-changing retail landscape, it is vital to recognize your differences from a chain. By focusing on your customers’ interests, you continue boosting a healthy bottom line.


Melinda Carver
Author: Melinda Carver

Melinda Carver is an award-winning author, psychic medium and speaker. She is also the president of the Church of Radiant Lights located in Cleveland, OH. To know more about Carver, visit her website.

Website: https://psychicmelinda.webs.com