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Unearthing Crystal Energy

We hear so much about how crystals soothe, balance, and restore our energy levels. Understanding how crystals radiate a specific type of positive energy that influences and nourishes us in a certain way will inspire us to appreciate them more and to more effectively share their mystical qualities with customers.

Each crystal goes through a very long and adventurous journey. They are created from universal elements and vibrational energy forces. A crystal’s form and color is the external expression of its internal structure and journey. It is similar to how our own bodily features reflect our mind, emotions, and spirit.

Crystals begin as a compilation of certain minerals and natural chemical compounds. The minerals they contains have a particular molecular structure and magnetic energy that repels and attracts other minerals around it. According to its location, a crystal is subjected to different levels of temperatures and air pressure. In time, sometimes within thousands, millions, or billions of years, a crystal is formed. It will continue to grow under these conditions according to the amount of space it has surrounding it. The crystal acquires its own characteristics or personality through this long journey.

Sometimes crystals overlap and form into magnificent crystal clusters. Occasionally, a crystal will grow within a crystal, known as a ‘Manifesting Crystal’ or ‘Inner Child Crystal.” This takes thousands of years to form. Rare Manifesting Crystals empower us to manifest obstacles into opportunities.

Natural crystals have been used for their beauty and mystical influence for millions of years. Since early civilization, jewelry has been worn to convey a person’s stature or a personal sentiment. Now, in our highly competitive times, people are searching for something meaningful to express their individuality. In our high-tech world, we all feel the need to connect more with nature. The result is that a wider range of customers are becoming attracted to crystals and natural gems that hold the Earth’s positive energy.

To excel in business, independent retailers have to embrace the more eclectic fashion tastes of our rapidly changing society. Offering dynamic and meaningful crystals and gems that are inspired and created by the natural elements will fulfill customers emotional expectations, making them satisfied customers.

To keep up with the ever-changing times and price point demands of the market, it is important to offer plenty of ‘bread and butter’ pocket crystals. But to make a business stand out, and attract buyers who are able to afford more, it is essential to keep the integrity of some higher quality minerals, crystal specimens, and gemstone jewelry in the showcases. Remember that an eye-catching display with aesthetic appeal is irresistible. Look for quality, cut, color, brilliance, and sparkle in gemstones. The most sought-after meaningful jewelry has practical and versatile styles that will compliment any occasion. Store owners will gain their customers’ respect and loyalty by being knowledgeable about the impressive and powerful crystals they sell and knowing how to apply them with care for their clients’ needs.

Like crystals, each of us embodies a unique combination of nature’s five basic elements that form our nature or personality type. I have created a chart to show how the main seven chakra crystal gemstones affect and nourish our life’s energy force according to our individual elemental make up:

Amethyst • Crown Chakra • Enlightenment

  • Ether/Air – Improves immune function, gives stamina
  • Fire/Water – Calms the nervous system, quiets obsessions
  • Water/Earth – Assists smooth transitions

Blue Topaz • Throat Chakra • Communication

  • Ether/Air – Eases fears, encourages expression
  • Fire/Water – Motivates listening abilities, offers sweet speech
  • Water/Earth – Balances emotions, reduces bitterness

Iolite • Third Eye Chakra • Intuition

  • Ether/Air          Offers stability, inner wisdom
  • Fire/Water       Reduces anger, inspires creativity
  • Water/Earth     Enhances self-worth, encourages fluidity

Peridot • Heart Chakra • Kindness, Nurture, Love

  • Ether/Air – Balances emotions, inspires introspection
  • Fire/Water – Cools, soothes, nourishes
  • Water/Earth – Increases productivity, encourages sharing

Citrine • Solar Plexus Chakra • Source of Energy

  • Ether/Air – Offers assurance to make decisions
  • Fire/Water – Increases creativity
  • Water/Earth – Aids in focus and concentration

Carnelian • Sacral Chakra • Seat of Emotions/Digestion

  • Ether/Air – Aids in assimilation, nourishes
  • Fire/Water – Regulates, balances
  • Water/Earth – Encourages enthusiasm, effortless movement

Garnet • Root Chakra • Security, Support, Connection

  • Ether/Air – Offers courage, strength, sense of belonging (connecting)
  • Fire/Water – Restrains the false ego, balances endurance
  • Water/Earth – Source of vitality, enables letting go of the unwanted. 


Elaine Sheth
Author: Elaine Sheth

Elaine Sheth is the owner of Esprit Creations. She is a GIA Gemologist who creates her own distinctive jewelry designs. Her motto is, ‘Never Be Ordinary.’ Her specialty is in finding the most outstanding natural gemstones to offer meaningful and versatile works of art that make her client’s stores stand out. Elaine travels around the USA offering inspirational workshops on crystals, gemstones, and chakras. She supports educational and care projects for needy women, children, and families through her company. You can contact Elaine at [email protected] or visit her website.

Website: https://espritcreations.com/