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The term ‘energy medicine,’ coined by Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine, is used to describe techniques of tapping into natures vibrations for health and well-being, influencing and affecting healing practices involving meridian or chakra therapy.

There are many healing systems founded by various cultures. Each culture is devout in its specific beliefs and understanding of the universe and its healing powers. With an open mind one can see how all are connected and interrelated and one can implement the healing systems in the awakening of spiritual consciousness. Thats what happened to me.

As an energy kinesiologist, familiar and grounded with the knowledge of the meridian therapy, I became curious about the healing potential of herbs. Filled with curiosity and desperately wanting to use the herbs grown in my backyard to support my clients, I wrote the book Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians, reprinted as The Essence of Herbs. Using locally-sourced herbs in conjunction with meridians was a pivotal concept supporting my energy medicine colleagues, at that time. As my research for the book evolved, so did I.

The concept that plants’ healing potential not only comes from their chemical constituents but from their energetic signature, thereby offering healing vibration, was the start of my journey in energy medicine.

The herbs whispered and asked me to tell the world of their ‘messages’ unveiling an emotional component to herbology. I included the newly revealed healing messages which I call “attitudes” in the book. I discovered that an attitude shift can be all it takes to get rid of pain in the body.

By listening consciously to the plants’ messages, and using their messages as affirmations, the body regenerates.

The message from the herbs helps to shift the minds perspective and offers an attitude adjustment. The emotional drama then shifts, enlightening the spirit and allowing a new awareness over the situation. This shift in attitude and awareness helps to open the meridian pathways and cleanses the chakra filters, opening the energy fields to a healthier vibration affecting the life force energy of the physical body.

Louise L. Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Body, correlated physical pain to emotional attitude. She wrote,  for us to become whole and healthy, we must first balance the body, mind and spirit. We need to take good care of our bodies. We need to have a positive mental attitude about ourselves and about life. And we need to have a strong spiritual connection. When these three things are balanced, we rejoice in living. No doctor, no health practitioner can give us this unless we choose to take part in our healing process.”

Emotions are largely responsible for our well-being. By keeping emotions in check, observing them rather than buying into the drama, a new perspective is created. The event then may be witnessed from a birds eye viewpoint, offering the flexibility to see the situation from all angles. Once we move beyond our subjective, self-focused viewpoint into an objective viewpoint, we have an overview of the big picture, and something magnificent happens.

By deviating from our personal perception and gaining perspicacity, we open our heart. When the heart is open, our awareness shifts towards unity consciousness opening the gateway to health and vitality and a spiritual connection. It all starts by simply listening, maybe less with our ears and more with our heart.

Energy medicine is available to everyone. By being witness to our evolving emergence into this exciting field of energy medicine, I believe its possible for everyone to implement the essential wisdom from Mother Earth to enhance our own well-being.

One of the tools I have recently created is Whispering Herbs Healing Cards. Relying on the science of energy medicine, the cards provide the energetic signature that transmits healing messages to our organs and glands in the body. As the herbs softly whisper their energy of healing, the body is listening and responding at a deeper, subliminal level, offering vibrations of regeneration mentally, emotionally and physically.

Intimacy with the herbs opened my heart and awareness to flowers. If the herbs had so much to say, maybe the flowers had a voice too. Expanding my energy medicine training, I turned my attention to flower essences. I learned not only do flower essences support the basic emotions, but they can also support us on our spiritual journey.

Heres what I have learned about flower essences, sharing some excerpts from my book the Essence of Sound.

Much of the plants energy is used to produce the expression of itself witnessed as the flower. The flower carries a vibrational imprint unique to the plant. This imprint is transferred to water, which is called flower essence.


“When we ingest a flower-essence remedy this vibrational imprint is transferred to us. If the vibration is a match, our bodies use it to support our internal and external energy systems. Vibrational remedies are benign in the sense that they only work if the vibrations match. Because they work on a completely different dimension on the body they cannot interfere with other herbal remedies, aromatherapy or allopathic therapy.”

The first documented use of flower essences was by Hildegard Von Bingen, Sept 16, 1098 – Sept. 17, 1179. Hildegard was a German magistral, monastic leader mystic, author, and composer of music. In the sixteenth century, Swiss doctor/alchemist Paracelsus experimented with flower essences. Flower essences were rediscovered in Britain, in the early 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a homeopathic physician. Dr. Bach believed that sickness came from attitudes and how we viewed life. He felt healing should be directed towards the pain in the heart and spirit of the person to prevent negative emotions manifesting physical disease.

He noticed patients with particular physical ailments had similar attitudes. For example, someone constantly expressing criticism may experience the symptoms of arthritis; someone who felt they were overlooked or never had enough, would develop symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, etc.

He also believed nature had the answer for our sicknesses and diseases. Dr. Bach prepared remedies from the dew of flowers and tree leaves and witnessed the negative mind states of his patients altering. As the patients’ minds or belief systems shifted, their physical bodies began to restore, creating integrated, mind/body health.

Since the 1930s, flower essences have been made throughout the world, and like food and herbs, it seems the flowers in your own neighborhood are the ones that have the more potent effect on your well-being. Different geographical areas have different themes as each culture has its own issues. As geographical location has a bearing on the theme of the flower essences, so too does the historical time in which were created have an effect on us.

Bach flower essence were developed in a time when there was depression and a sense of heaviness in the culture. His remedies support core level issues relating to survival. Compare this to the 1960s in California when the issues for our culture were ‘finding ourselves’ and the ‘meaning of relationships.’ The Flower Essence Society remedies support us with relationship issues.

Now compare this to the late 1980s when our culture was seeking higher awareness and understanding of spirituality. Pacific flower and sea essences, Australian bush essences, Alaskan essences, Perelandra essences and many more that were produced globally, supported everyone worldwide on their spiritual growth. Some believe there are flower essences yet to be discovered because humans have not yet raised their consciousness enough to benefit from the vibration of these undiscovered flowers.

The year 1999 introduced sound essence. These essences followed the same principle of flower essences, but used the healing vibration of sound for wellness and spiritual consciousness. You could say they were the next generation of vibrational medicine, and just in time to prepare us for the speeding up of time in the 21st century.

As flower essences give their imprint by way of the personality of the plant from the deva of the flower, sound essences offer natures most effective source of healing – sound. Life is sound and sound brings life to the earth. Sound maintains the existence of all beings. Sound is the key to the miracle of life.

The Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies have emerged from the foundation of energy medicine, addressing the many healing modalities offered to us by ancient cultures. Now 20 years later, I can offer you sound healing support for various healing systems, simply by misting the sound in a bottle.

Meridian Vitalizers Sound Essence focus on the sound healing offered by meridian attuned tuning forks and pair the sound with herbal homeopathy. The sound helps amplify the sacred geometry of the herbs. Chakra Balancers Sound Essence carry the sound offered by the chakra attuned crystal bowls and blends this with other vibrations offered by nature such as color, crystals, sacred geometry and aromatherapy. The vibration of the sacred geometry is enhanced by the sound.

The Aura Harmonizers Sound Essence is imprinted by the sound offered by sacred geometry. Each remedy brings in a specific geometric healing vibration offered by spirit. Heart Tone Sound Essences are composed from the sound offered by alchemy crystal bowls and blended with flower essences and Irish fairy essences to support our toroidal field. The Archangel Blessing Series offers a combination of sounds supporting the hologram of the energy field.

I have come to understand in my own spiritual journal that having an open mind and integrating these ancient healing systems into our daily lives allows us to benefit from the ancient wisdom of many cultures as we awaken our spiritual consciousness and evolve towards unity consciousness.

Evelyn Mulders
Author: Evelyn Mulders

Evelyn Mulders is the award-winning author of The Essence of Sound, The Essence of Herbs, and the upcoming Whispering Herbs Healing Cards. She is the alchemist of Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies and presents at international conferences. Evelyn is a senior faculty of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice and is the founder of the Kinesiology College of Canada. To know about the author, visit her website.

Website: https://www.soundessence.net