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Crystal Healing: Use of Crystals to Heal Your Body & Transform Your Spirit

D [/ eltdf_dropcaps] o cristais cicatrizam? As pedras e gemas são tão poderosas que você pode se transformar em um ser mais feliz e saudável? De certa forma, sim, usando sua mente, intenção e atenção. Cristais e pedras preciosas são belas ferramentas que podem ajudá-lo em seu desenvolvimento espiritual, mental, emocional e físico pessoal. Defina uma intenção ao escolher um cristal.

Usually, people are drawn to certain crystals as pocket stones, jewelry, or a specimen as a statement piece. Often, people want a special gemstone as an amulet to boost the energy of the chosen intention. It is the power of your mind combined with the vibration, color, and shape of a gemstone that makes the perfect duo for healing and transformation.

Many of the associations of the use of gems were established to include the qualities of the gemstones for luck, protection, abundance, wisdom and more. For example, citrine has been known as the “merchant’s stone” throughout the ages. Likewise, amethyst has been dubbed the “sobriety stone.” Green aventurine is known as the “shamrock of the gemstone kingdom” and, therefore, brings good luck and great fortune.

These are the top areas of life that people want assistance:

Love & Relationships, Money & Abundance, Health & Well-being, Protection &  Safety

How do you know which stones are allies for each of these intentions? It is easy with a little help from books and gemstone decks. Carry a variety of guides to crystals, minerals, and stones by various authors. Consider carrying a variety of decks featuring the positive use of gemstones. It helps you, your staff, and your customers familiarize with stone identification and the many uses of the stones to heal your body and transform your spirit. Crystal books and decks sell very well. If you plan on having gemstones as part of your product mix, it is helpful to have supporting merchandise.

Crystals, minerals, rocks, metals, and gemstones are tools from the earth that can assist you in staying focused on intentions to create and maintain positive change in your life. Gemstones can be a constant reminder of those intentions. To create the life you want, your focus must be on what you do want, not on what you do not. Whatever you focus on becomes your reality. All your conscious thoughts and feelings — as well as the subconscious and unconscious ones — create the life you are currently living.

This basic principle is at the heart of most universal laws, including the law of attraction and the laws of physics. It is important to have an intention and to focus on the positive so that life reflects your highest potential. Everything created is created through intention. We create our lives with our thoughts, actions, words, and deeds. Our intentions vibrate out into the world and return to us in the form of our personal reality.

When a gemstone is paired with a daily affirmation, the stone amplifies that intention. The crystals are a tool to keep you thinking about the established intention. In my work with color and crystals over the course of three decades, I’ve found to use a stone most effectively, it is best to associate an intention with it.

The more information you have about the qualities associated with certain stones, the more creative you can be in using these valuable tools to improve your life.

Stones commonly associated with increasing more love for yourself and those around you are:

Green Tourmaline, Malachite, Pink Calcite, Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz

Crystals helpful to increase money, abundance, and prosperity are:

Carnelian, Emerald, Garnet, Green tourmaline, Jade

Gems for health and well-being are:

Chrysocolla, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Ruby, Sodalite

Crystals for protection and safety are:

Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Pyrite, Tiger’s Eye

There are many more choices for each category though these are easy-to-find stones to carry in your store. There are many ways gemstones can be used to further support the sale of a nice product mix for your store. Crystal pendants tied to scented candles sell well. Organza and other cloth bags are a good cross-sell for those who want to create a charm bag filled with their good intentions and tumbled stones. Wooden and metal decorative boxes are good sellers for storage of the crystals – and even the gemstone decks mentioned earlier.

Pocket stones or tumbled stones are a great way for people to affordably work with crystal intentions and the power of positive thought.  Place the tumbled stones in individual clear glass bowls with a Stone Sign to explain some of the key qualities of the stone along with the price and a SKU or Code. At my store, we keep a basket of little clear plastic locking bags and ask that the customer place the stone with the Stone Sign in the bag. This makes it easy at checkout. Otherwise, sorting through, identifying, and bagging them at the register is unmanageable.

Crystals, minerals, and stones used in jewelry are stunning. Carry the gemstone in a variety of price points and watch your profits grow.

Gemstone bracelets are well-loved by my customers. I carry quite an array of bracelets in many stones and colors. If you have the room, bracelets are a good point-of-sale purchase. The hundreds of bracelets in stock are priced between seven under $20. Bracelets are a great gift for oneself or others.

Pendants and earrings with precious or semi-precious stones are popular. Some vendors make earrings and pendants with an established intention. Whether your customers want to wear them with an intention to transform their life or just because they are pretty, jewelry can be added to your product mix without a huge capital investment. Include gemstone rings into the mix. I carry size five through 10 and they sell well displayed in individual trays for each size. Rings are a big favorite.

Everything is energy and all energy has a vibration. Crystals have energy and vibration and their vibration is based on the color of the stone as well as the manner in which the stone grew in the earth. Each stone has a spiritual component to help you further develop your spiritual connection. Likewise, the mental use aids in maintaining mental focus and clarity while the emotional use of a stone can help you deal with feelings and unblock underlying challenges. The physical uses of crystals range from healing your physical body as well as physical needs.

É importante ter uma intenção e focar no positivo para que a vida reflita o seu potencial mais elevado. Tudo o que é criado é criado por meio da intenção. Nós criamos nossas vidas com nossos pensamentos, ações, palavras e ações. Nossas intenções vibram na palavra e voltam para nós na forma de nossa realidade pessoal.


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Margaret Ann Lembo
Author: Margaret Ann Lembo

Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; Crystal Intentions Oracle; The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing; and Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom. Find out more at thecrystalgarden.com and her website.

Website: https://www.margaretannlembo.com