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Becoming Fearless During Difficult Times

Dwelling is the awareness of our infinite self, unbounded fearlessness will blossom within.



During a crisis, there is possibly no more fundamental emotional reaction than fear. Stemming from earlier primitive reactions designed to survive various threats, fear can motivate you in several directions: It can make you run away. It can bring you the ability to fight ferociously. Or it can do the opposite – it can cause you to become paralyzed so that you lack the ability to react at all. As much as this fear response worked well in primitive times, during these times of crisis and turmoil, these reactions are less constructive and more destructive.

Fear is extremely powerful and can completely overtake us, especially when we lack the ability to change the fearful situation, as is the case today. When the media is sensationalized, clear leadership lacking, direction confusing, and misinformation so prevalent that we can’t make a clear sense of the type or amount of danger, our fear can only increase. This is even more so with the current degree of social polarization in our communities, country, and the planet. Everywhere we turn it seems that we encounter even more of people’s anger, hatred, and rage, especially if we spend time on social media. The more we experience this, along with the crumbling of our careers, stores, and personal life, the more frightened we are likely to feel until it seems like there is no escape.

This constant fear is highly debilitating, negatively affecting your body, mind, and emotions. Physically, your stomach tightens, your jaw clenches, and your body becomes tense and rigid. Your digestion is disturbed as acids flood your system. Trying to “hold it together,” your unshed tears and blocked expression can make your physical throat raw and sore. Your grinding teeth cause sore jaws, and migraines and headaches narrow your vision and torture your head so you become unable to think. Of course, the more that you’re fearful, the less you can handle any anxiety and stress and you’re more likely to strike out against your family, friends and co-workers. Because we can’t run from the terrible conditions that we are facing, stores remaining closed or empty, our finances crumbling, our relationships deteriorating, our society increasingly succumbing to rioting, violence and factionalism, and illness seemingly rampant, it can become emotionally, mentally and physically unbearable.

Since trying to run from your fear or its causes is impossible, you must be able to transform it. Even though you may not be able to change the conditions that you are experiencing, you can still overcome your fear, become calmer, and feel more secure. Here are some ways that can help:

  1. Take a “media holiday.” Instead of spending so much time scrolling through social media feeds and reading the news, you need to stop frequently feeding your mind with negativity that often attempts to manipulate you in one way or another.
  2. Change your attitude and outlook. Instead of focusing on your personal disaster, it will help you to look outward to discover ways that you can help others. Are there ways that you can safely volunteer? Are there people in need who you can help? If you look around you, you will find those opportunities. Instead of only socially distancing you need to focus more on distant socialization, taking the time to pick up your phone to reach out to others, especially those who are alone.
  3. Let go of what isn’t working for you at this point. Instead, focus on what will work to make you feel happier. Even though times are tough, it is possible to feel prosperous, fulfilled and find deep meaning in your life. You may find that to do that, you need to start focusing less on your personal “disaster” and more on what will fulfill you at this time. This is true for your business as well as your personal life. Without fear, you can find a new level of creativity and have the ability to act on it. Like the proverbial rising phoenix, then, now is the time to release your fear and discover news ways of fulfillment.

I am finding this to be true for myself as well. A huge percentage of my current income is tourist dependent, now that were no tourists where I live in, my income dropped tremendously. Instead of drowning in fear, I took stock of my skills and found myself writing more books, doing Facebook Live meditation music concerts, and starting a new Podcast series. Because I love being with the land, I planted a small orchard and garden that is now feeding us. Even though there is no extra money, my bills are now being paid and I am enjoying what I am doing. However, if I had succumbed to my fears, I would be doing none of this and instead be suffering. To say that you can be creative and find new avenues even during these times is not overly idealistic “Polly Ann thinking,” but is an actual reality available to everyone no matter what is happening. Basically, it is a change of attitude, one that can’t happen if you are trapped in your fearfulness.

Finally, it is helpful to meditate and do practices that ground yourself in the realization of your true-self so that you know that this mirror-like life is only a temporary state of being and consciousness. As painful as it is, this too will pass, while your true, joyful, creative self is infinitely alive. That is where you must focus to have peace of mind a joyful heart, and true fearlessness, even when times are tough.

The following is a meditation that will help you to feel fearless and strong so that your actions are more effective and constructive. As you do this meditation you will also build a strong aura or magnetic field through which negativity and fear are unable to penetrate. It is a simple meditation however its affects are far-reaching.



Sit upright with your spine straight, your head facing forward, and your chin dropped about 2-inches. With your palms facing upwards in your lap, hold your hands in Hansi Mudra, touching the tips of your index, middle, and ring fingers to the tip of your thumb while you extend your fifth or pinky finger straight outwards. (Hansi Mudra is the hand position used to access courage, bring self-confidence and acceptance, and to release fear and anxiety.) Just holding and concentrating on this mudra alone will bring you a feeling of solid strength. If you like, rather than holding your hands in your lap, you can rest your elbows next to your waist while you raise your forearms to the sky. When you hold your hands in Hansi Mudra with your arms in this position, your little fingers will point upwards to the sky. Experiment which position feels best to you and use either one. Close your eyes.

Now, bring your attention to your first chakra energy center, the Root or Muladhara Chakra, at the bottom of your spine near your tailbone. Feel as if your breath flows in and out of this chakra. With each in-breath, imagine that a red light begins to glow ever more brightly at the bottom of your spine. With every out-breath, relax the small of your back, your stomach, your pelvis, your legs and feet. As you breathe, silently repeat the word or mantra, LAM (pronounced LAHM). Breathe with relaxed deep breaths, seeing the bright red light and silently repeating LAM. Do this for at least 3 minutes as you imagine the red light glowing more and more brightly.

After at least 3 minutes, imagine that this red light becomes a whirling disk spinning clockwise,glowing brighter red the faster it spins (placing a garnet, ruby, red jasper or other red stone will amplify the effects of this). With each in and out breath, this disk of blood-red light spins faster and faster as it grows larger and brighter. Now, continuing to repeat the word LAM, imagine that with every out-breath, a blood-red beam of light reaches down from the spinning red disk to flow and anchor you deep into the earth. Imagine that this beam of light reaches further and further into the earth until it is in its very center. Continue to hold your hands in the Hansi Mudra position.

After you envision the red beam of light reaching into the center of the earth with every out-breath, imagine that the earth sends a red beam of light into your first chakra (near the bottom of your tailbone,) with every in-breath. Continue to silently repeat the word, LAM with every breath for at least 3 minutes. You are now connected with the strength and stability of the earth itself.

When you are ready, repeat these words to yourself: “’I am strong’, ‘I am capable’,’I have all that I need within me’”. Feel their meaning sink deeply into your consciousness as you repeat them. Continue to slowly repeat these three phrases for 3 minutes or until their feeling becomes entirely embedded within you.

Next, imagine that the red light from the base of your spine begins to move upward through your body with each in-breath. Visualize it filling your stomach, your solar plexus, your heart, your lungs and chest, your arms and shoulders, then your neck, face and entire head. Relax any tension with your out-breath as you do this. Continue to hold your hands in Hansi Mudra.

Once your body is filled with bright red light, extend your arms straight outward from your sides, parallel with the ground, your palms facing upward and your hands still in Hansi Mudra. With every out-breath, imagine that the red light that has now filled your body flows outward down your arms, through your hands and out your fingers to form a red, orb of light around you. See yourself as in the middle of this red glowing light and feel its vibrant and courageous energy flood your being as any negativity in any form is deflected. With every breath, imagine your self as becoming stronger and more energetic. Do this for at least 3 minutes.

Once you are through, bring your focus to your heart center in the middle of your chest as the red light continues to surround you. Release the Hansi Mudra and drop your open hands into your lap with your palms upward in receptive mode. While retaining the sense of strength and fearlessness within you, imagine that your breath now flows in and out of your heart center. With every in-breath visualize that your heart center fills with a bright, green light. With every out-breath, imagine that your heart center softens and opens completely. Feel yourself as overflowing with love, the perfect balance to your sense of strength. Immerse yourself in this state for at least 7 minutes.

After resting in this state for 7 minutes or as long as you like, slowly open your eyes. Retaining the feeling of this meditation, arise.

If this meditation is done for 30 days, your thinking and feeling patterns will be completely altered and you will find that your fear disappears. Even if you don’t have time to do this meditation every day, (although it is recommended,) since the Hansi Mudra is very powerful in itself, if nothing else, you can take many “time outs” during you day to hold your hands in this position as you focus on your heart chakra.



Uma Silbey
Author: Uma Silbey

Uma Silbey was one of the first to pioneer crystals, gemstones, and ‘energy’ information to the world through her jewelry designs, books, and music. Besides running her jewelry company since the late ‘70s, Uma has authored six books, including her latest The Ultimate Guide to Crystals and Stones, available through New Leaf Distributing Co. She has also recorded 18 albums of meditation music and guided visualization, and twice has been considered for a Grammy nomination, including her latest Altered States. Visit her website for blogs, articles, music, and newsletters.

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