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ASTRO INKLINGS: What’s Ahead for 2021

“Isn’t 2020 cute,” I say as I shake my head. My eyes glimpse the fabric mask dangling from my purse near the door. My tongue is in my cheek as I imagine the famous comedian George Carlin. He’s rolling his eyes from his place across the veil mumbling in his dark way “I tried to warn you.”

Cute isn’t the right word to describe what 2020 dished out to humanity. It was the Sufi poet Rumi who said, “Whenever they rebuild an old building, they must, first of all, destroy the old one.” I’m certain the dear man had visions of 2020 in mind as he penned those words. But how does one express that Saturn’s move from Capricorn into Aquarius had its way with us? It requires a little explanation. To share what is coming for 2021 will take us even further down the rabbit hole.



2020 started with a cosmic bang. Early in January, an event that hasn’t happened in 500 years triggered a series of planetary influences that would color the entire year. Major players in the sky, namely Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter would conjoin and collide in the sign of Capricorn forcing change upon us. In 1518, during the last conjunction of this kind, society turned on its ear when young monk Martin Luther broke from the Catholic church. There was great disruption with the release of his 95 Theses. At that time, so began the great Reformation, and with it came wars and persecutions, a true upheaval against the status quo. Sound familiar? Not very different from 2020! Though I doubt Martin Luther hoarded toilet paper.

Early this year, the Great Awakening began, and humanity started shaking its fist at authorities. We collectively raised our eyebrows as everything we thought we knew began to fall away. Large groups of people, represented by Aquarius, were being held down by those in power (thank you, Saturn), and life would never be the same. Pluto the catalyst and bringer of pandemics waved his arms and screamed for attention. Jupiter was cowering in the corner praying for clarity and clinging to faith. Through summer’s Mars in Aries ramp up we added our blood, sweat, and tears to a long-and-getting-longer hot summer. It seemed we’d never make it to December 31.



Having survived the hoarding of toilet paper and dried pasta, the wearing of masks, social distancing, and protests went wrong, we’re left with two options. Either bury our heads in the sand or ask ourselves, “What next? What will 2021 bring?” Life as we know it is changing. Politics, medicine, security systems, social platforms, all need a new foundation that will be more reliable. The goal is foundations made of steel (integrity), not aluminum (lies). And what exactly will 2021 bring us? In a word: PLENTY. Let’s look at upcoming themes and moments in time that will have us at attention.


With 2020, we faced the destruction of old beliefs and value systems and a quarantine to keep us safe. Now we arise out of the dust re-engaged with our spiritual selves. The slowing of the machines of our lives forced an inward look at our priorities. 2021 will continue that theme.

With Saturn’s move into the sign of Aquarius the popular song from the ‘70s becomes tangible. “The Age of Aquarius” is upon us. It’s good to begin by understanding what that could mean. Key aspects of the year ahead include:

  • Saturn in Aquarius… Status quo or forward flow?
  • Jupiter in Aquarius… Expansion of consciousness.
  • Saturn & Jupiter Conjunct in Aquarius… Joyfully restructuring the future of humanity.
  • Three Squares to Uranus in Taurus… Tension determining what we value physically and emotionally.
  • Neptune moving to a sextile with Pluto… Creativity, spiritual awareness, and physical manifestation.
  • Theme words: Adjust. Balance. Co-create.



The stage is set for December 18, 2020 and Saturn kicks things off. He is the task master and time manager. The archetypical energies of this planet feel like a Cosmic Thumb pressing down on our shoulders or a stern parent standing in the corner of the living room watching you pick up your toys before washing your hands and arriving at the dinner table on time. There are lessons to learn and Saturn wants to deliver. Karma is at hand and when Saturn pirouettes into Aquarius the full dance begins.

Forward-thinking and freedom seeking Aquarius is rebellious. Master astrologer Steven Forrest says, “Every front has a back,” so we know that though there is a bit of a revolutionary smell in the air, it’s also colored by humanitarianism. “What is good for me had better be good for thee… or else!” Under the influence of Aquarius, we can expect more of humanity to come together to build structures for the good of all involved.

Saturn in Aquarius will ask that we overcome our serious and institutionalized ways for a way of life that is freer and serves more people. Boundaries and limitations have their place, but the age of Aquarius will mean that rules, when present, have a unique twist. There will be a new set of eyes building the framework to support our future. The breakdown of the foundation that was the 12 months of 2020 will birth a new bedrock, a solid structure capable of bearing new hopes and dreams.


Jupiter’s desire is to expand our thinking and deepen our faith, and she is along for the 2021 ride. Following Saturn’s pirouette, Jupiter will tap dance into the Aquarius stage a few short days later. This creates a once in 20 years Grand Conjunction. They will lock arm in arm for a long waltz in 2021.



Saturn and Jupiter are rulers of societal influence, and in the sign of Aquarius carry with them the winds of change. When Saturn (boundaries, limits, lessons) and Jupiter (expansion, optimism) shimmy up to Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer, idealism and innovation will be at a high.

This magical escapade begins on December 20, the night of a significant New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. The 2020 Energy Almanac contributor Janet Hickox writes, the new moon “shows the potential of working together and working hard on goals, supporting the new framework.”

What I termed a waltz for this article is a conjunction. The two planets will be within a small range of degrees apart from one another. Their archetypal energies will blend. So slow moving they are that they remain conjunct through the end of the new year. This provides lots of opportunity to find joy (Jupiter) in our tasks (Saturn) that create a better future (Aquarius). Don’t be surprised if those tasks aren’t different, unusual, or technology oriented. Trust they’ll be moving you toward an “all for one and one for all” feeling. Aquarius also rules “invisible waves” like electricity, intuition and thoughts. So, keep your focus on values that can apply to everyone.

“The potential is phenomenal,” writes Ms. Hickox. “We each have the power to set the agenda for what we want to see. Get involved in your local efforts to create change.” As 2021 gets under way… in January there are three words to consider for the year ahead!



The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will start the ball rolling and soon enough you’ll deal with three important moments as this formation squares to Uranus in Taurus.

Mark your calendars for February 17th, June 14th, and December 24th. Each of these days will be felt either close to home or in the world at large as Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (boundaries/lessons/discipline) in Aquarius (freedom seeking) square Uranus (change) in Taurus (finances/values).

Shellie Enteen, master astrologer and contributor for the 2021 Energy Almanac writes “These transits represent the tension that occurs when obstacles (Saturn) are in the way of change (Uranus). Some people or institutions may be holding onto the status quo, even when they would be better served by shifting. It’s time to learn the wisdom of both ancient and new ways. As these squares approach, in personal and outer life, it may feel like two stones are rubbing against each other until they create sparks.”


Imagine this. You’re the master mason meticulously laying bricks for the most beautiful foundation. You’ll add high walls gilded in gold with vibrant stained-glass windows. It’s going to be huge and spectacular to behold. It’s the next Sistine Chapel. But suddenly, there’s shouting behind you. The banker has decided to collect early on the note. But wait, you had agreed on terms! He knows this building will support the good works of hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. The portion of visitor donations you’d use to pay him back is in the contract. Why so brusque now? You come off the staging to go nose to nose with the financier. He snarls. You growl. Someone gives in. And so, goes the squares that will arrive in the year ahead.

The numerology of 2021. 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5, five, the number of freedom. The glyph itself gives it away. Move horizontally, shift, drop down, side-step or pivot. It’s all about movement, adventure, and liberty. We’ll be on our toes trying to keep up with the change that’s afoot. Remember the three keywords for 2021? Seek balance as you sort through the coming 12 months.

And finally, we have some softer aspects that will flavor the year. Slow moving Neptune currently sitting in the dreamy and intuitive sign of Pisces, slips toward a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn.



Neptune rules your relationship to God, to creativity, and intuition. In the mystical sign of Pisces Neptune is as comfy as a sleepy grandmother in her bathrobe at teatime. Happy in its watery world, it connects us to our soul and asks that we go inward for answers.

The aspect named “sextile” brings forth harmony and cooperation and acts as a prodding in the right direction. When Neptune moves into a sextile position with Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, in the sign of Capricorn (career/institutions, discipline, authority, order) we can now imagine new ways of approaching the business of life. A softer, more creative approach is in order. Spend time in meditation to bring forth grand ideas that can put the planet on an important new trajectory. This leaves room for both peace and prosperity if done well.

We will all need flexibility and versatility next year. I thought of the chameleon and its ability to change colors and blend into the background for safety. But that’s not right. It isn’t time to hide. We didn’t withstand lockdowns, mask-wearing, and a multitude of restrictions only to shrink backward. There had to be a better representation.

The image that started showing itself was a tree. Trees of all varieties are able to bend and move with the wind without breaking. Trees, with their deep roots to ground them, tall and far reaching limbs that seem to sometimes slip into the ethers and touch heaven, are the best example I could think of to demonstrate what our human selves could lean into this year.

And we’re back to that ancient rascal poet Rumi who claimed, “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” 2021 may be the year to apply this.

  • Stay strong at your core like the tree’s trunk. Know what you stand for.
  • Be flexible, as the tree limbs. Bend when you should if it’s for the greater good.
  • Let go of what isn’t serving you anymore. A tree doesn’t keep the leaves because they were once pretty. Be willing to let things fall away.


You are co-creating the new earth. It’s the last keyword for the year ahead and it’s very Aquarian. Your thoughts create your reality. Your emotional enthusiasm for all that is goodly and Godly and right in this world when added to the quantum soup can bring forth incredible gifts. We’ll share those gifts one day, even if it isn’t until 2022.



Tam Veilleux
Author: Tam Veilleux

Tam Veilleux is the lead visionary of the Energy Almanac. Transformational coaching by day, astrologer by night. Follow her social media for more visual chatter on the alchemy and strategy of creating change @theenergyalmanac.

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