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Tarot Selling Tips: 10 Sizzling Tips to Increase Your Tarot, Oracle & Inspirational Decks Sales

Your customers may come in regularly to purchase crystals, sage and incense to clear energy from them or at their home and attend your special events. But here’s a big secret – your customers want to know MORE about themselves. They need to know what is going to happen with their love relationships, how something will affect their career, or whether their family rift will heal. Their burning questions about their lives will not be answered by crystals, sage or incense. Their need to know more about their own story leads them to linger by your divination deck display.

Recent industry surveys show a surge in divination decks sales (tarot, oracle, and inspirational) at retailers. These decks are swiftly inching up the list behind crystals and jewelry as a top seller. Increase your deck sales at your store with these 10 tips:


1. Showcase the Artwork with Sample Cards

Ask the publishers for sample cards. Customers frequently shop brick-and-mortar stores so they may touch, see, and try products. Shrink-wrapped decks may be a hard sell if customers cannot see additional cards besides the cover art on the box. Keep the sample cards near your divination decks. If you do not have a room by your display, obtain a three-ring binder for the sample cards to swiftly flip through with your customers.

2. Merchandise Large Deck Displays by Category

Customers can become overwhelmed choosing one deck from the hundreds of choices of tarot, oracle, or inspirational decks. Simplify the process by merchandising your decks by categories (angels, animals, classic, fairies, goddess, nature, old masters, etc.) and labeling these shelves. They may then browse by their favorite category to make their selection. Make sure to have the front of the deck box facing your customers (if possible) for faster browsing.

 3.Cross-Sell Your Decks with Tarot Books

Most tarot decks are packaged with a little brochure with basic descriptions. Boost your book sales by positioning your tarot learning, advanced spreads, and tarot magic books next to your deck display. By prominently displaying your five top selling how-to-read tarot books near the decks, your customers will grab one, especially if the deck they chose does not have a guidebook. Simplifying life for your customer equals added sales for you!

4. Stock Decks that Store Tarot Readers Use

Most psychic readers use tarot or oracle decks in their sessions with your customers. Your customers then want those same decks! Ensure that you stock these decks in your store for those moments when a customer says “I love this deck! Do you have it?” You do not want to say “No” because you will lose the sale to an online retailer when they get home. Ask your readers which decks they are using so you may add them to your inventory.

5. Don’t Underestimate Your Customers

Your customers may “need to know now” when your reader is not available or when your store is closed. Tarot and Oracle decks are a great way for them to find out the answers to their burning questions at anytime and anywhere they are. Today’s customers want everything NOW, especially during a life crisis. Do not be worried that customers buying their own decks won’t have a reading anymore – yes they will! They will want confirmation or clarification of what they saw in their own cards!

6. Ask Lifestyle Questions

Does your customer love unicorns or dragons? Are they into herbs and flowers? Do they gush about their dog, cat or horse? Are they interested in Akashic records or vampires? Do they wish they were a pirate or a fairy? Are they building their self-esteem and self-love? Themed decks are available in every category! When you ask your customer what they are interested in or have a passion for, you may easily match them to a wonderful deck. Most card readers will go on a buying spree for all of the decks in their favorite “theme.”

7. Classic Decks for Newbie’s

A newbie may not be able to understand a complicated deck or a deck that switches out the suits from the standard Rider Waite version. Carrying the classic learning decks will simplify Tarot for the new enthusiast. You may also stock a selection of the new easy-to-read deck sets which combine the deck and the full-size how-to-read guidebook. Labeling a shelf for beginners with these decks will assist your shy customers.

8. Hot Trends for Professionals

Professional readers will walk into your store and easily choose a new deck to take home. They have the knowledge and experience to select what they desire from your shelves. The key customer service offering for these types of customers is to have the latest new decks in stock. They use their decks daily and become bored with them. Professional readers want new decks for the challenge of reading them, and to use them in sessions.

9. Use Social Media to Announce New Decks

Utilize your social media each and every time new decks arrive! You should arrange your new decks by category (Tarot, Oracle or Inspirational) on a table first and take a photo. Use a headline like “Seek Joy with these NEW Inspirational Decks!” or you can write “Divine Your Truth with NEW Oracle Decks!” By breaking up your new deck posts by categories, you may have two to four posts to motivate customers to come into your store that week.

10. Teach Your Staff the Difference

Your staff should be trained on how to describe the three major types of decks. Many times, employees stumble over this point. By coming up with your description of the three major types of decks, your staff will be able to easily assist your customers in their search for that perfect deck. Break it down for your customers. A tarot deck is a 78-card deck tool to use for clarifying life situations in an intuitive and very detail-oriented way. Tarot can be blunt and some of the cards scare people. Oracle decks are a gentler read based on the author’s theme for guidance or healing. An Inspirational deck provides guidance and hope for one’s journey.

Get ahead of your customers’ needs and desires for these tools. Simplify the process of obtaining both classic and trendy decks for them. The excitement of buying that first deck or the thrill in finding a theme deck makes your customers’ day. By blending your product, merchandising and customer service of divination deck sales, you will increase your bottom line.



Melinda Carver
Author: Melinda Carver

Melinda Carver is an award-winning author, psychic medium and speaker. She is also the president of the Church of Radiant Lights located in Cleveland, OH. To know more about Carver, visit her website.

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