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Metaphysical Cleansing

Do you ever feel tired, sick and uninspired, or find yourself becoming angry and feeling stressed out without knowing the particular reason for feeling this way? If so, perhaps it is time for a metaphysical cleanse. Much like using soap for cleaning the body, a metaphysical cleanse employs various methods to clean your subtle body and aura of negative energy that may be preventing the free flow of subtle energy that you need to feel vibrant and to be healthy. When you are cleansed in this way, the subtle energy that flows through all of your subtle nerve channels and chakras will become unclogged, and instead, flow freely without any impediment. Simply put, when your subtle energy flows freely along the subtle nerve channels and your chakras are balanced and open, you will soon recover your original vibrancy and joy of living. This will happen no matter what your environment is, what people you are around, or what your life situation is.

There are various methods that can be used to cleanse the aura or subtle body and open and re-balance your chakras. This is both a physical and intuitive process, so it works better if you are concentrated and internally quiet in the present moment. Here are a few methods that you can use anywhere and at any time:


This is the first, most obvious method that you can use. While you are smudging yourself, you can also smudge your immediate environment in order to enhance your personal clearing. To smudge, blow or fan smoke over and around your body front and back from head to toe. Pay particular attention to any area that intuitively seems “clogged,” grey or dark, unusually hot or cold, or otherwise draws your attention. You can use sandalwood or any herb or scent that you are drawn to. A Native American practice is to burn sage, sweet grass or cedar.

Whatever your choose, light the substance in a small (fireproof) bowl or abalone shell. After lighting it, let the flame die down to produce a good amount of smoke. Then, use a feather or your hand to fan the smoke over your body, encircling it from head to toe. Be sure to also fan the smoke over each palm and even the bottoms of your feet. Don’t miss any area. While doing this, visualize all negative or dark energy leaving the body to be replaced with light. Call in the help of the Higher Spirit, your Creator or any Higher Being with which you identify. When you are through, see your body as entirely filled with golden light. If you have someone else with you, it may be easier if they fan the smoke over your body while you stand with palms upward. In any event, continue this until you feel a sense of relief, much like the feeling you get when you straighten a crooked picture. It is helpful if you also smudge all of your stones, your home, the inside of your car, family members, any people around you at the time, your store or business, and any environment in which you spend much of your time. When you are through, extinguish the fire/smoke and thank the Higher Spirit or Creator for their help.


There are many methods to use crystals and certain stones to give yourself a metaphysical cleansing. You can use a clear, light yellow citrine or calcite, a light green calcite or tourmaline, or a gentle light blue aquamarine, calcite, or blue topaz, to sweep your aura from head to toe, visualizing any negativity leaving the body to be replaced with the particular light represented by that stone. A citrine, for example, will fill you with golden energizing light, a light green calcite or tourmaline will tend to bring nurturing, while a light blue stone will likely bring relaxation and release. Amethyst, of course, is an excellent overall healing stone. Surrounding yourself with amethyst while envisioning the violet light filling your body will help clear away darkness and heal whatever form of negative energy is “stuck” within you. Traditionally, turquoise is a good stone to use to cleanse the body of negative energy. It is felt that wearing a turquoise stone will draw negativity out of you. Once the turquoise is “filled”, which you can tell intuitively, you can then clear the stone. Smudging is most effective for this. Then you can wear the stone again. This method, however, will take longer than the other methods mentioned here.

If you feel drawn to use a stone other than those listed above, use a very clear stone and avoid dark or opaque stones. Some feel, however, that a smoky quartz or black tourmaline can draw negative energy out from the subtle and physical body, but it could just as easily block or enhance negative energy as well. It is easier to use clear stones.

Here is a simple method using clear quartz crystals: First, focus your awareness into your center and feel your feet well-planted into the earth. To do this, take at least three minutes to breathe with long, slow breaths, preferably in and out of your nose. Avoid any straining while you breathe. As you do this, place your attention on your heart center and feel as if your breath flows in and out of it with each inhale and exhale. If any thoughts interrupt your focus, just let them go and bring your attention back to the flow of your breath. At the same time, feel as if there is a cord of clear, brown light flowing from the center of your feet into the earth. With every breath, release any tension that you feel, starting from the top of your head, through your body and from your feet. Surround yourself with clear quartz crystals with their tips pointing away from your body, helping to channel all stuck, negative energy outward where it will be positively transmuted. Then hold a clear, preferably double terminated, crystal in your left hand. This will channel in positive subtle energy and bring any information that you need to help you in your clearing. If you are using a single terminated clear crystal, point the tip outward away from your fingertips. Then, using your right hand, with the crystal about six inches from your skin, gently sweep your aura, or energetic body, downward from head to toe. Don’t forget to sweep down each arm and out the fingertips. Sweep down your torso, down each leg and out your feet and toes. As you do this, maintain a clear, uninterrupted focus, along with an intention that your subtle and physical body, and your mind, become like clear light. Intend that your emotions become as calm as a deep pool, without a ripple of concern, anger, frustration, judgment, or any other adverse thinking. Just let such thoughts go. While doing this, if you sense any resistance, any sense of “tugging,” or any sense that your crystal wants to stop over one area or another, that means that you are to stop your sweeping to focus on that area. Use your crystal in your right hand, then, to use a pulling motion to draw out whatever is stuck there. Pull the stuck energy out and then, with the tip of the crystal resting on the floor or ground, send it out into the earth where it will be transmuted to light. As you do this, your stone may collect negative energy, so regularly clear the crystal by placing its tip onto the ground or floor while you imagine the negativity leaving into the earth. It is even more helpful to have a smudge pot burning nearby so you can clear the crystal as  you work, and end by smudging the body as described above. This process can take quite some time, or it can be done quite quickly, especially if your focus is strong. When you are done, be sure to clear your stones.


A regular practice of meditation offers a continual metaphysical cleanse as it tends to release tension and stress while replacing it with clarity and calmness. There are many types of meditation, of course, but all of them can help. Mindfulness meditations, for example, help one become centered in the present where negativity is non-existent. The more present you can be, then, the less negativity you will attract. You can visualize a spiritual being, for example, that is most meaningful to you and ask for their help to cleanse you of whatever negative energy is stuck in your body, mind, emotions, or spirit. Meditating on the Hindu elephant god, Ganesha and asking him for his help is excellent to clear you of all obstacles, including any negativity that is trapped or held within you. Using breath meditations like alternate nostril breathing and long slow breathing will help you become centered and clear. Breath of fire can be used to both clear and energize. When doing breathing meditations, it is good to first stretch your spine and hamstrings to free the subtle life nerves that roughly run the length of your hamstrings and spine. This will allow the free flow of subtle energy and help the breath do its work.


While doing these other forms of metaphysical cleansing, don’t forget about the power of prayer. Continually living your life with a prayerful attitude will go a long way to keep you from needing any more specific cleansing because it tends to gather positive energy within you. Generally speaking, if you pray to be doing the will of God, Goddess or the Higher Spirit at all times, if you offer the fruits of your labor to the Higher Spirit, if you ask to be an envoy of peace for others, you will find yourself filled with peace and healing as well. If you continually pray for healing for yourself and others, for the animals and all beings of this planet, as well as the planet itself, you will be filled with joy. You can also offer your body, mind, heart and soul, for example, to the Higher Spirit to be cleared of all darkness and instead filled with light. You can use prayer to maintain a constant state of thankfulness so that your focus is only on the good rather than the problems and circumstances that bring pain and negativity. When praying in this way, you will find that no matter what your circumstances, there is always something to be thankful for. A constant state of thankfulness and gratitude will cause all negativity to flee from you and you will constantly feel cleansed and renewed in every single moment.

Ultimately, being continually centered in the present offers the best metaphysical cleanse. Be here now. Always.


Uma Silbey
Author: Uma Silbey

Uma Silbey was one of the first to pioneer crystals, gemstones, and ‘energy’ information to the world through her jewelry designs, books, and music. Besides running her jewelry company since the late ‘70s, Uma has authored six books, including her latest The Ultimate Guide to Crystals and Stones, available through New Leaf Distributing Co. She has also recorded 18 albums of meditation music and guided visualization, and twice has been considered for a Grammy nomination, including her latest Altered States. Visit her website for blogs, articles, music, and newsletters.

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