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Accessing Divine Wisdom from Your Crystal Allies

In the world of divination there are thousands of ways to forge a path of communication with your ancestors, spirit guides, and Creator—spiritual integration— being the purpose of accessing different plot points on the divine matrix for further comprehension. As we seek this deeper understanding, the journey leads us to historical Earth wisdom, telepathic communications with our higher selves and others, and connections to other beings along the way.

One of the most profound paths I’ve walked has been with the stone kingdom. The repetitive sacred geometric patterns inherent in the habit of gems and minerals connect us to our world in unique and potent ways. Companionship with these crystal allies support all our human timelines on every level, and bring us untold knowledge, compassion, nonjudgment, and unconditional love.

Your Crystal Allies: 44 Sacred Altar Cards & Oracle Set is the perfect opportunity to begin or nurture your relationship with forty different stones and their unique vibrations. The first step to working with Your Crystal Allies is the creation of your sacred space. The act of choosing a place in your home, office, garden, (or heart) and clearing it of personal items or clutter—then cleaning it well. This initial task energetically anchors your commitment to the subject or reason for creating an altar space.

This area is now called the “altar”—the table on which you place your sacrifice. The energy or element you are willing to relinquish to clear energy in your mind, heart, or life to access the knowledge, resources, or experiences you are seeking. This is where Your Crystal Allies: 44 Sacred Altar Cards & Oracle Set comes in. The card set comes with four crystal layout grids to choose from, for the foundation of your altar. You can select the Sri Yantra, Triquetra, Medicine Wheel, or Merkabah to begin your layout.

The next step is to become clear on the intent you hold or the question you have, for your crystal grid layout. Write it out succinctly, in as few words as possible. Put the paper with your intention underneath the grid you’ve chosen and prepare to pick your cards. This is the time to gather an offering to represent your gratitude for what is to come, anything natural like dried corn, cornmeal, tabacco, or beans.

The forty Sacred Altar Cards are much larger than most oracle decks, so you’ll want to spread them out on the floor or a table, or simply cut the deck into three piles and choose a card from each. You may lay the cards across the grid on your altar or use an altar card holder for all of them.

Tune into the Crystal Frequencies 

The Crystal Allies can be worked with in many ways. Once you’ve selected your card or cards, you will embark upon the spiritual relationship of a lifetime. It will do three things: connect you with the specific stone in the Ally Card, deepen your relationship to the stones of the same kind that you have in your possession, or lead you to the stone specimens who can best serve you.

You do not need to steward any stones of your own to work with the cards and to get to know the crystals and minerals embodied in them. Take a few minutes each day to take four deep breaths and meditate with the Crystal Allies on your altar. Journal any impression you receive directly after your altar session.

Each stone ally pictured in the set is a crystal with whom I have cultivated a relationship over several months, and some over many years or decades. All were delighted to be shared and worked with in such a powerful way. The most important elements of working with the Crystal Allies is to surrender to their vibrational communications to you, be consistent in spending time to reflect on their messages, and to embrace the self-trust they will develop in you. All by transmitting their ancient Earth history and wisdom, they can connect us to ourselves, each other, the ancestors that support us, and the Earth and cosmic beings that are leading us into the future.

Tracee Dunblaizer
Author: Tracee Dunblaizer

Tracee Dunblazier, GC-C, is a Los Angeles-based spiritual empath, shaman, and eleven-time national award-winning author, publisher, and President of COVR: Coalition of Visionary Resources. As a multi-sensitive, Tracee’s blend of intuitive information combined with different modalities, has provided the opportunity for many to achieve deep healing and create the success and peace they seek in their lives. Her latest bestseller is Conquer Your Karmic Relationships: Heal Spiritual Trauma to Open Your Heart and Heal Your Soul.