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5 Feng Shui Practices for Businesses

Are you seeking a balanced and productive workspace? Do you feel your business isn’t as prosperous or successful as it could be? If so, the ancient art of Feng Shui may hold the key. Feng Shui is a centuries-old practice involving the placement of objects and flow of energy in a space to enhance harmony and prosperity. By applying its principles to your business, you can create a positive and supportive environment that stimulates growth and success.

Even if you’re new to Feng Shui, you can begin incorporating this practice into your business today. Here are five ways to get started:


#1. Focus on Your Front Door

In Feng Shui, the front door is often referred to as the “mouth of chi,” or the primary place where energy flows in and out of your business. If your front door is shabby and creaky, with a door handle that jiggles or gets stuck, that can convey negative energy to whoever passes through. Even a tiny spark of annoyance can lead to a bonfire of frustration.

Instead: Keep your front door in good repair. Consider painting it a bold, welcoming color to usher in positive energy and potential clients.


#2. Properly Place Your Desk

Did you know the position of your desk can influence your moods and productivity? When our backs are to the door, our fight-or-flight instinct kicks in, making us feel stressed and uncomfortable. Similar feelings arise if windows are positioned directly behind us.

Instead: Place your desk in the “command position.” The command position in Feng Shui involves placing your desk so your back is facing a solid wall. If you must place your desk in front of windows, hang curtains to give the illusion of a solid surface.

Bonus Tip: Keep your desk decluttered! A cluttered desk can easily translate to a cluttered mind.


#3. Intentionally Place Your People

The placement of your company’s employees matters. If you haphazardly assign office spaces to your people, some spaces might be ill-suited to the type of work they do.

Instead: Have a clear understanding of your employees’ roles and type of work. Place your sales force close to your front door to boost sales and drum up bright, positive energy. Place executives in the “command position,” far from the main entry and facing the door, to give them space to concentrate and strategize.


#4. Boost Concentration with a Windchime

Early in my Feng Shui career, I experienced a time when I wasn’t generating much business, and I felt unfocused. To improve focus and clarity, I hung a metal windchime above my desk chair and rang it whenever I needed to concentrate. I also hung a windchime by my front door to usher in clients and opportunities. I would ring it and state my intention to acquire more clients. The very week I started using my windchimes, a property management company hired me for a large project. I’m confident the windchimes helped propel my intentions. In short, you don’t have to feel stagnant and unproductive.

Instead: Strategically hang windchimes, and use them.


#5. Pay Attention to Your Predecessors

In Feng Shui, predecessor energy is the energy left behind by a space’s previous occupants, and it can influence the current occupants in positive or negative ways. If the previous business experienced failure or hardships, that energy can linger and have a negative impact.

Instead: Be intentional about selecting your space. If possible, rent a space that was occupied by a successful, vibrant business. You can also clear predecessor energy by utilizing space clearing techniques, like burning cleansing herbs.

Using Feng Shui as a guide, you can improve the energy and efficiency of your workplace, while creating a harmonious and thriving environment. Even a few simple steps can make an incredible difference. Isn’t it time to create a space that supports and amplifies your success?

Julie Ann Segal
Author: Julie Ann Segal

Julie Ann Segal is a Minneapolis-based Feng Shui interior designer with a new book release: Change Your Space to Change Your Life published by Llewellyn Worldwide. Her book provides the necessary tools and practical steps for discovering your true desires, reimagining your surroundings, and creating profound comfort. To know more, visit:

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