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Can Spirituality Enlighten Your Business?

Some may see spiritually-minded people and businesspeople at odds with one another. Truth is, being business oriented or being immersed on a spiritual path doesn’t...

The Handmade Business Reimagined

As a conscious, dedicated body-mind-spirit indie business, undoubtedly your mission-driven direction is clear. Yet, you’re hesitant to jump in to add handmade products to your...

The Small Business Community & Conscious Living Culture

Although the conscious living culture consists overwhelmingly of younger generation advocates whose future depends on drastic changes, truth is, all ages desire to live consciously,...

Is it Time to Close My Shop?

Maybe you’ve been thinking for a while to retire for health reasons, to sneak in some relaxation, or you just have other projects in mind,...

Five Ways to Keep an Eco-Friendly Business

Being green is a great marketing tool to let customers know your store cares about the planet. Let people know that your store cares about...

Five Tips to Sell CBD Products in Your Shop

With a vast selection of products to choose from, there’s no greater addition to any mind-body-spirit store, no matter what your merchandise focus.

Selling Houseplants Can Grow Your Business

Indoor plant purchases are growing at a frenzied pace. So, here are five suggestions to selling houseplants in your shop.

CBD OIL: A Miracle Phenomenon or Passing Fad?

Modern society is rediscovering that this simple ingredient - CBD oil - relieves everything from pain to PTSD, anxiety to Alzheimer’s.

Obsessive Consumption Syndrome

In an individualistic culture, such as Western society, things now equal personal identity. Objects are how people relate to one another and the world.

Five Tips to Declutter your Shop

Little has been written on decluttering a shop. It's beyond a goodbye to slow-moving stock. It's purging, organizing, relocating & rethinking the use of space.