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March 2022

Deck artists are harnessing powerful energy activations, steeped in magical elements, to assist in fine-tuning a seeker’s intuitive skills. Customers are in need of these energy transmissions to bolster their light and clarity to deal with issues in their hectic lives.

Expand your divination a little beyond the popular methods of fortune-telling and look into the old ways, whether Slavic practices or those from other cultures and countries.

It’s no secret - as the supply chain starts to mend link by link, the polarization of society is unfortunately here to stay for the foreseeable future. Variants are likely to continue to emerge. And people are going to need to find ways to take

The power of thoughts and intentions create the world around us and within us. As you inhale the essential oils, make a clear intention and state a positive thought, either out loud or to yourself, to firmly establish the reason you are working with the

The Law of Attraction explains that your habitual, characteristic, and predominant mental attitude is responsible for attracting all conditions, environments, and life experiences. Learn how to replace limiting or self-destructive thoughts with more empowered possibility thinking.

The contemporary professionals in the workforce, who are also the growing power buyers in the marketplace are taking to this work-from-home change and making it their own. They are becoming digital nomads, unrestricted by geography, gender norms, racial cues, and standard demographic measurements.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] That is what this issue is all about, YOUR Mindset! You are learning to progress in the process. Prepare, set your mind, and let’s get ready because the season of ‘shifting’ is here! I hope that the stories we’ve selected for this issue can encourage