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September 2020

In this month of September, discover upcoming books in Meditation & Yoga to help de-stress and to find the right balance for the body and mind. Plus, explore what’s new in Inspiration & Divination to help re-connect with the Divine. Take a peek at our

In this special issue, we've gathered great topics to help you learn how you can focus on switching your mindset and find comfort in what makes sense now in today’s climate, and rethink how you can accept the need for change in a positive way.

Robert Thies (piano) and Damjan Krajacic (flute) have something truly special going with their Blue Landscapes albums series. Their third installment continues what came before but also evolves their signature contemplative soundscapes which are created solely through their two instruments. All but two of the

Learn through meditation how you can relax, release fear and other negative feelings, and center yourself in the present moment. Centered in the present, and you'll see how your anxiety will lessen or go away entirely.