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January 2020

We all tend at times to employ labels to help identify or categorize various thought systems and ideologies. We use them as a way to sort and classify the enormous amount of information we are presented with each day. That is especially true when talking

Decisions about what merchandise to sell is an important component of gift shop ownership, but perhaps equally crucial is store design, followed by product placement. After all, shop owners are storytellers, and the goal should be to convey that story in an understandable and memorable

Do you ever feel tired, sick and uninspired, or find yourself becoming angry and feeling stressed out without knowing the particular reason for feeling this way? If so, perhaps it is time for a metaphysical cleanse. Much like using soap for cleaning the body, a

In this first issue of the decade, discover what topics are buzzing around the retail business world! Learn what retail design specialists and shop owners share about new trends in retail design for small businesses, explore the ABCs of marketing to Gen X, Y &