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July 2019

Let's explore what conscious living is all about on the retail world! In this issue, you’ll learn different ways to handle things at work, understand what your philosophy is saying about your store, and unveil the higher purpose behind handcrafted products in America. These are

There comes a time in most businesses when you run out of money, which can be a harrowing experience, at the very least. Perhaps you can’t make payroll, your suppliers are calling for money that you don’t have, you collected sales tax that you can’t

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] All retailers have the same 24 hours in a day. How we spend those hours can mean the difference between a profitable and productive day versus one where we go home and wonder where the time went. Mobile apps are trying to tackle this issue and

All things metaphysical continue to trend. The body-mind-spirit publishers are building on the foundations of the past 50 years and are leading the charge into new territory. I’m calling this the New Metaphysics. Broadly speaking, the New Metaphysics is more straight-forward, more science-friendly and, overall, focused

It's been four years since David Nevue's album, Winding Down, which I labeled his pièce de résistance, the best release of his career. Now, I am left even more amazed at In the Soft Light of Grace, which not only equals Winding Down, but surpasses

During this summer season, find exclusive ways to promote your business by using mobile apps, sell houseplants at your store, learn how to build your brand and message on social media, and more. Also, help your employees understand the vision of your company, and discover