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This Holiday Collection issue is filled with resourceful topics and seasonal products to help stores across the nation celebrate the holidays. You can find easy solutions to help elevate sales, one-of-a-kind holiday gift ideas that can fit any budget or store type, a usable marketing

We hear so much about how crystals soothe, balance, and restore our energy levels. Understanding how crystals radiate a specific type of positive energy that influences and nourishes us in a certain way will inspire us to appreciate them more and to more effectively share

It’s mid-summer and holiday ordering is beginning and books are back at the top of customers’ gift lists this year. The mind/body/spirit publishers are ready. Here’s a collection of books I think are more than notable for holiday giving. There’s something for everybody. Young or

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] When my friend was planning a soiree in her backyard, she sent me links to a blog with entertaining ideas as well as recipes. Both links were from Crate & Barrel (yes, even the recipes). When another friend was considering what to do with her

A special coverage from The Coalition of Visionary Resources COVR in partnership with Kim Perkins   Q: How do I keep my online store from cannibalizing sales from my brick and mortar location? A: Before we look at specifics of how to deter your online sales from siphoning

In retail, customers are number one. You need to draw them in and keep them coming back. But with tough competition from big box stores and online retailers offering seemingly-instant delivery, how can an independent gift shop owner make this happen? Reasonable prices and well-curated

Handcrafted products are gaining momentum once again. While there was never a major decline, there was a definite dip in the purchasing of handcrafted products from makers in the USA. “Our sales are definitely trending upwards after a couple of years where we started to

To think that a recording as self-assured and "complete" as The Late Train Home is for an artist's debut is mind-boggling. Ed Blumenthal is possessed of such nuance and subtlety that it's hard to believe that this is his recording debut, even if it is