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December 2019

For book enthusiasts interested in Astrology, Divination, Rituals & Magick, and Intuition the titles we selected for November-December are ideal if you’re looking to renew energy, add a touch of balance to daily routine, encourage life goals, and help to get the mind ready for

A special coverage from The Coalition of Visionary Resources COVR in partnership with Kim Perkins Why won’t some retailers carry self-published books? It is often tough for authors, especially local ones, to comprehend why a store owner might not want to stock their self-published book. After all, aren’t bookstores

Maybe you’ve been thinking for a while to retire for health reasons, to sneak in some relaxation, or you just have other projects in mind, but now you’re torn between giving in or giving up.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Like any business without a dedicated marketing department, it falls on independent retailer owners to carve out time to market their businesses. In the last issue’s column, we focused on how to draft a marketing plan even during your busiest season: the fourth quarter. In

Over 80 percent of embezzlement happen in businesses with 150 or less employees. And just under 50 percent had fewer than 25 employees. So how can small businesses like ours protect ourselves from this seemingly eventuality?

Brick and mortar shops are competing with a fierce opponent: the internet. It’s hard to beat the convenience of a shopping experience that simply involves scrolling and clicking. However, brick and mortar stores have some things that online shopping cannot provide: one-on-one relationships, human interaction,

Other than the opening track, Open Waters is the most jazz-influenced release from Imaginary Road Studios. A breezy concoction of tunes that elicits the titular nature of everything from a tropical beach to the open ocean, guitarist Mosby, along with a truly stellar cast of