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November 2018

Donating Unwanted Inventory at Year End Can Yield Big Tax Benefits If yours is like many companies, you’ve got pallets of excess inventory taking up valuable warehouse space and putting a drag on your bottom line. The good news is, there’s a smart, easy way to turn

Business as usual? Not anymore. With the continuous revolution of technology, changing patterns in the way consumers shop and the influence of major retail pioneers like Amazon and Walmart, small business owners cannot continue to plan for the future based solely on the past. Digital transformation,

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Jay Goltz admits he didn’t set out to become a shop owner like his father. Yet that unpopular idea is exactly what the new college grad did in 1978. “My mother’s send-off was, ‘you went to school for four years and ended up like your

An Open Sky is one of the most evocative "autumnal" albums of recent years, featuring Ryan Judd's emotive fingerstyle acoustic guitar and Kristen Miller's superb cello, blended into a wonderful "whole." These semi-sparse tone poems are deeply pensive and strike the perfect balance between being

Despite a lively holiday season, if you pay close attention, you will notice that most of your customers have one eye on their own futures. Your challenge will be to provide an ever-changing array of glitzy, fun holiday merchandise while simultaneously keeping your customers aware

To celebrate the spirit of giving, we’ve selected some great gift ideas for family and friends, and an exclusive interview focusing on outcome vs. income with Jay Goltz, CEO of the Goltz Group. Switching departments, set smart goals is a good real-life story on how