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July 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Gone are the days when your website could be a single landing page and you could expect it to drive business to your retail shop. Savvy customers need interaction and engagement with you and your business and one way to do this is through a

For many years I lived in ashrams, continually meditated and did other spiritual practices day and night with nothing to distract me. To say that I was inspired, deeply satisfied and happy was an understatement, and my uninterrupted, focused spirituality gained me both deep understanding

A special coverage from Coalition of Visionary Resources COVR in partnership with Kim Perkins   Q: I’m new to the Mind Body Spirit industry: How do I decide what products to carry in my new store/what are the right products that I should have in my store to increase

Delivering the ultimate customer experience is vital to the overall success of any small business. With so much competition from fellow brick and mortar shops to the ease of shopping online, small business owners need to focus on what pulls the consumer into their shop

It’s a tall order to review such an intensely personal album, which is what Eternal is for Kevin Wood (piano, keyboards, percussion). How does one capture in words the deep, spiritual commitment this talented artist has made to this project? Wood, joined by too many

Customers will be looking for answers mid-summer. The chaos that has become the new normal since last fall has them searching beneath the surface of things to try and make some sense of it all at deeper levels. Put books that offer them answers/explanations in

Not every town is a tourist attraction. Many of us are just regular shops in our hometown making it work every day. Some towns are almost anti-tourist during the summer months as people go on vacations and turn their attention to what they can do

We’ve prepared some hot topics to serve you all season long, including some tips on how to reward your employees, ways to attract more customers during your summer season, how spirituality can play a big role in your business, and much more. If you’re looking