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May 2017

WORKING WITH THE PUBLIC can be an energetic rollercoaster ride that can make or break your day. Finding and maintaining a calm and centered neutrality with customers is a challenge, but creating that space keeps you off the rollercoaster and helps abundance flow to you

Pianist Kathryn Kaye has emerged as one of the leading artists in her particular subgenre of contemporary instrumental music. She weaves together a gentle sense of nostalgia with uncomplicated, subdued melodies, creating reflective tone poems that showcase her subtle nuanced playing and the depth of

by Jean Haller, Seasons Koll, Royce Amy Morales, Sloane and Casey Simmons   Q: I OWN A MID-SIZE BOOK AND GIFT STORE, AND although we always tried to be as green as possible, in the last year we decided to go earth friendly in every way. From

Summer is the perfect time to read. Whether on vacation or on the patio, the extra sunshine encourages your customers to relax with a good book, and these will arrive just in time!