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December 2017

Is your shop OPEN for all business or are subconscious biases slamming your door? Here’s a motto to not only hang on your wall, but to live life from: If you aren’t being inclusive, you’re not open to receive. On a subconscious and energetic level,

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Uploading photos to Instagram or Pinterest can help customers see your store’s personality, but if you’re building up fans at the expense of building your email list, it’s a costly mistake. Unlike social media platforms, retailers own their email lists. At any given time, those platforms

As the holidays arrive, customers are looking for solid connections. Make sure you have something for everyone. Needs vary, but the drive to read about others who have found the answers is prime.

Cantus, the all-female vocal group/choir from Norway, have released earlier seven albums, yet their fame increased exponentially when their recording of “Vuelie” was selected as the opening musical number for the smash-hit movie, Frozen. That song opens their eighth recording, a spectacular collection of twelve

UNLESS DISABILITY TOUCHES YOU PERSONALLY, many shop owners aim to slide by, doing the bare minimum to fulfill the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.  If you’re thinking it’s not worth the effort since people with disabilities rarely come to your shop, it’s easy to

Q: For the first time in over a decade of being open, our small retail store is experiencing shoplifting of larger merchandise. In the past we have noticed small items were unaccounted for, but recently a 24” statue is gone, as well as an expensive

2Cellos are Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic and like another internet phenomenon, The Piano Guys, the two musicians have erupted on the classical crossover scene like a fresh wind, blowing away the conventions of the genre and reinvigorating their music scene in the process. Playing

Spiritually minded shop owners do come up with valid justifications for nudging their customers to buy: "Beauty feeds the soul”; “Shopping is therapeutic;” “They’re supporting artists and local independent shops.” Selling and “selling out” is not the same thing.

Books are still hot this Holiday season! The stressful geo-political climate has customers focused on being constructive, even in their gift-giving. Mind/Body/Spirit publishers are on top of it. Children’s books are tied to yoga, meditation, and nature study. Cookbooks are focused on creativity and health.

Q: I love my store, but I’m getting older, and to be frank, I would like more time to grow in new directions. I’m ready to start planning my departure, but all I have are questions at this point. Where does a ready-to-retire retailer begin? A: