Wholesale Directory

A.R.E. Press

Books, CDs, DVDs, DVD-Rom

800-333-4499, www.arepress.com

Abbeywood Records

Music, New Age, Relaxation Music, Brainwave Entrainment, Binaural Beats, CD

416-441-9578, www.abbeywoodrecords.com

Acacia Creations

Fair Trade, Handmade, Eco-Friendly, Jewelry, Home Accents, Recycled, Holiday

717-817-1412, www.acaciacreations.com


Figurines, Gifts, Impulse, Stones, Jewelry, Inspiration, Décor, Journals, Angels, Tokens, Worry Stones, Frames, Boxes, Crosses, Glassware, Healing Angels, Pocket Stones, Inspirational Gifts, Angel Gifts, Pendants, Bracelets, Visor Clips, Pet, Urns​

800-264-3577, www.angelstar.com

AngelStar's goal is to design and create inspirational products that touch hearts throughout the world. We started from very humble beginnings, and we are grateful...read more

Anju Jewelry

Handcrafted, Mixed-Metal Jewelry, Brass, Copper, Stones, Tribal, Bohemian

404-221-0707, www.anjujewelry.com

Applegate Valley Publishing

Gratitude Journals, Books, Greeting Cards, Custom Illustrations, Watercolors

541-862-7021, www.graceofgratitude.com

Aspiring Artists of the Earth

Aromatherapy and Healing Gemstone Jewelry, Jewelry Displays, TZ Glass

267-337-1817, www.aaote.com


Jewelry, Incense, Candles, Giftware, Wicca, Santeria, Statuary, Herbs, Smudge, Tarot

800-326-0804, www.azuregreen.net

Bead Bottle

Jewelry, Gift, DIY, USA Made, Stocking Stuffer, Tween, Kit, Unique

505-986-4900, www.beadbottle.com

Bell Pine Art Farm

Small Statuary, Goddesses, Animal Totems, Drummers, Angels, Essential Oil Diffusers

541-895-2132, www.bellpineartfarm.com

Benjamin International

Wholesale, New Age, Jewelry, Tapestries, Candles, Inspirational, Incense, Meditation, Clothing, Accessories, Gifts, Scents, Toys, Pendants, Stones, Embroidered, Om, Yoga, Mandala, Peace, Fair Trade, Home Décor, Wellness, Healing, Beads, Semiprecious, Handcrafted

With over 6,000 products, we have a lot going on here at Benjamin International! Some of the products are imported from around the world and some are designed and manufactured right here in the United States of America. In our many travels to exotic places like Nepal, Indonesia, and India, we take great care in selecting the finest and most...read more

Boma Jewelry

Fashion, Trends, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Whimsical, Vintage, Modern, Natural Style

866-366-BOMA (2662), http://wholesale.bomajewelry.com

The Bombay Incense Co.

Incense, Burners, Singing Bowls, Prayer Beads, Prayer Flags, Om, Healing

800-705-9995, www.bombayincense.com

Bottle Benders Inc.

Glass Wind Chimes, Bottle Art, Rainbow, Driftwood, Recycled, Garden Décor

Brain Sync

Guided and Unguided Meditation and Subliminal CDs.

800-984-7962, www.brainsync.com

Calm My Pet

Holistic, Calming Pet Products, Natural, Calming Pet Sprays, Therapeutic Music

330-266-2500, www.calmmypet.com

Celtic Art Store

Celtic Art Meditation Tools, Celtic Art Prints, Celtic Picture Jewelry

Circles of Light Made in USA

Tapestry Throw Blankets, Wall Hangings, Pillows, Tote Bags, Chakra Ladders

Conscious Ink

Temporary Tattoos, Greeting Cards, Inspiring Quotes, Affirmations, Healing, Inspirational, Empowering, Inspiring, Positive, Manifest, Eco Friendly, Made in USA

541-480-8949, www.consciousink.com

Conscious Ink is on a mission to spread love and raise consciousness around the world, one body at a time! Of course ...read more

Coobie Seamless Bras

Bra, Comfort, Seamless, Supportive, Inexpensive

Cork Nature

Handbags, Wallets, Messenger Bags, Backpacks, Accessories, Cross Bodies, Gifts

Coventry Creations

Candles, Intentional Candles, Magic, Empowerment, Oils, Room Sprays


Tumbled Stones, Rough and Polished Crystals, Metaphysical Jewelry, Birth Stones

760-789-1620, www.craftstones.com

Crystal Distributing Company Inc.

Tingsha, Crystal Bowls, Singing Bowls, Singing Pyramids, Quartz, Drums, Pendulums

Crystal Fantasies

Crystal, Mobiles, Swarovski, Swarovski Crystal, Multi-Strands, House Jewelry

866-526-4553, www.indieme.com

The Crystal Garden

Essential Oils, Liquid Smudge, Aromatic Mists, Meditation CDs, Chakra Jewelry

Crystal Tones Crystal Singing Bowls

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, USA Made, Music, Accessories, Healing, Meditation


Culture Spot

Buddha Statues, Meditation Mala, Meditation Cushions, Museum Collection, Spiritual Jewelry

201-706-3416, www.culturespot.com

Deep Breath Designs LLC

Aromatherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Wellness, Organic, Lavender, Handmade in USA

Denali Home Collection

Blankets, Throws, Made in the USA, Pillows, Bedding, Wool, Acrylic

Designing Fairy Products and Books

Card Sets, Fairy Cards, Mugs, Books, Art Prints, and Postcards

Destination Oils

Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Wellness, Relaxation, Diffuser Jewelry, Stainless Steel Jewelry, Men, Women, Kids, Bracelets, Necklaces, Gift Sets, Fragrance, Pendant, Locket, Natural, Pure, Health, Home, Beauty, Organic, Therapeutic Grade

Improve your life the natural way with Destination Oils! Top-quality organic material is harvested from its native location worldwide and bottled in a U.S. facility that exceeds safety standards ...read more

Deva Designs

Pocket Charms, Jewelry, Gifts, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Pendulums, Handcrafted, American-Made

800-799-8308, www.devadesignsjoy.com

DeVorss & Company

New Thought, Metaphysical, Coloring Books, Children’s, Audio, Video, Calendars, Catalog

800-843-5743, www.devorss.com

Dragonhawk Publishing

Books, Mysticism, Magic, Healing, Nature, Ted Andrews, Runes, Animal-Speak, Animal-Wise


Mala, Prayer Beads, Jewelry, Necklace, Bracelet, Buddhist, Buddha, Buddha Beads

800-551-2482, www.dreammala.com


Fair Trade, Apparel, Jewelry, Greeting Cards, Home Décor, Baby, Toddler, Toys, Accessories

dZi Handmade

Handmade, Fair Trade, Felt, Jewelry, Chimes, Tibetan, Meditation, Gifts

800-318-5857, www.dzi.com

eachanoriginal DESIGN COMPANY

​Magnets, Inspiration, Motivation, Letters, Alphabet, Words, Fridge Magnets, Love, Live, Laugh, Hearts, Flowers, Stars, Peace, Wisdom, Balance, Inspire, Create, Imagine, Dream, Faith, Believe, Cats, Dogs, Peace ​Signs, Hope, Dare, Joy


Luscious, hand-painted fridge magnets designed to inspire creative communication and fun for all ages. EACHANORIGINAL magnets make wonderful gifts and can brighten up any metal surface, from filing cabinets to metal wall displays to, of course, the fridge. Our line is diverse and unique and ... read more

Earth Rugs, Inc.

Eco-Chic Rugs, Jute Baskets, Table Accents, Natural Pets, and More!

800-562-1885, www.earthrugs.com

Enter the Earth

Ocean Jasper, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Celestite, Quartz, Moonstone, Selenite, Rough

Esprit Creations

​Wholesale, New Age, Metaphysical, Chakra, Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Gemstones, Unique, Chakra Wheel of Life Pendant, Chakra Designs, Exclusive Designer Jewelry, Moonstone, Moldavite, Herkimer Diamonds, Opals, Exceptional Quality Gemstones

352-316-6130, www.espritcreations.com

Esprit Creations is steadily growing by staying in vogue with what sells and keeping in touch with the pulse of the changing economy. We share our success by always working in your best interest. To add zest to your business and make your sales soar...read more

The Fairies Pyjamas

Women’s Clothing, Dress, Tops, Pants, Onesie, Fanny Packs, Legwarmers, Arm-warmers

Findhorn Press

Books, Card Sets, Meditation Audio CDs

800-343-4499, www.findhornpress.com

Flipside Hats

Hats, Men, Women, Kids, Fleece, Wool, Organic, Recycled, Scarves

503-272-1359, www.flipsidehats.com

Flying Wish Paper

Party, Birthday, Christmas, Holiday, Wish, Christian, Inspiration, Game, DIY, Cards

503-626-8784, www.flyingwishpaper.com

Gaia’s Healing Gifts

Organic Essential Oil Blends, Body Blends, Room and Body Sprays, Massage Oils

Gaia’s World Ceremonial Herbs®

Wildcrafted, organic herbs, resins, sage, smudging herbs and supplies, shells, salts, candlers, incense blends, tumbled stone, and pocket full of stones.

866-605-1191 / 678-918-8403, www.gaiasworld.com

Gaia's World Ceremonial Herbs® offers quality products that are retail-ready in convenient sized, attractive, informative packaging, and are easy to display. Pair that with our excellent, friendly customer service and quick turn-around time, and you have found YOUR SOURCE for ceremonial herb products. It's easy to get started with our products. Don't... read more

Ganesh Himal Trading LLC

Fair Trade, Jewelry, Clothing, Bags, Cards, Home Décor, Meditation Gifts

Global Crafts

Wall Art, Jewelry, Gifts, Handmade, Fair Trade, Home Décor, Candles, Journals, Pottery, Holiday Ornaments, Scarves, Nativity Sets, Salad Servers

Global Crafts wholesales over 2,000 products from 20 countries in the developing world to over 1,000 stores in the USA. Every product is handmade, unique, and high quality, enabling retail store owners to stand out from the crowd. We are a socially sustainable for-profit business ...read more