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Tapping Into Happy

Tapping Into Happy

What does real happiness look like, and how do we achieve it in our daily lives? Those are the questions at the heart of Live Happy: Ten Practices for Choosing Joy. Deborah Heisz, the author and co-founder, COO, and editorial director of Live Happy magazine, recently spoke with Retailing Insight about her new book and how to apply the solutions in business and life.

Maggie Feeney: What inspired your research on happiness?

Five ways to take care of yourself!

Owning a shop is a 24/7 gig. Your daily to-do list can seem endless when there’s no one else to answer that email, write those bills, place that urgent special order, and truly care about all of it. You end up not sleeping well, not getting enough exercise, skipping dinner, or missing your kid’s soccer game. Ironically, it’s all for the business you started because you thought working for yourself would be a cake walk.

The RE Rules

The RE Rules

James Wanless, Ph.D., the “RE Doctor,” is an internationally recognized author, dynamic speaker and coach, innovative futurist, and expert in personal sustainability. The author of Sustainable Life: The New Success and creator of the Sustain Yourself cards, this “corporate shaman” offers insights into re-energizing body, mind, and spirit for personal and professional success.

Practical answers for tough business questions.

Question: Do you sell statuary in your store? how do you train your staff to talk intelligently about Hindu and Buddhist deities? There are so many! We carry Buddha, Ganesh, Shiva, Kuan Yin, and Green Tara, but even those are challenging for new sales people. Truth is, I would like to order a larger variety, but I don’t really understand them all myself. Any suggestions?

Seasonal Traditions Light Up The World

Seasonal Traditions Light Up The World

Midwinter is a time to make merry. We come together and share feasts of food, song, and dance. We visit neighbors and friends and spread our wishes for peace and prosperity. To dispel winter darkness, we practice ancient rituals of lighting candles, remembering virtues, cherishing our communities, and enjoying the magic of the solstice time as the earth turns once again toward the sun.

Working with Intuition

The spiritual journey I've been on most of my adult life deeply influences everything I do, including my business. Especially my business. The choices I make come from intuition far more frequently than how much profit margin something has, what trends dictate, or what appears to be the most reasonable direction to take.

Finding Buddha at Walmart

The media is doing it, famous people are doing it … even business leaders are doing it! Self-discovery is no longer laughed at, magnetic therapy is sold on infomercials, yoga is considered an integral part of fitness, color therapy is used by designers, and aromatherapy can be found in drugstores.

Staying Grounded on the Path to Enlightenment

As a retailer, I am always interested in finding ways to help my store grow. I try to stay abreast of what's happening in our industry—new product ideas, the latest books by recognized and up-and-coming authors, that sort of thing. If I am to stay in business, I know I have to be able to provide what the majority of my customers are looking for and do it as efficiently as possible.

Shop Talk: Practical answers for tough business questions.

Question: I have run a successful retail store for more than 10 years. I used to love helping customers, listening to their stories and assisting them in finding just the right gift. Over the past few months, I’ve found myself getting impatient and often bored when on the sales floor. People seem needy and, after a few minutes, I just want to retreat. Have you ever felt this way?

Comfort in the Unknown

Ann was behind the counter of her book and gift shop. A steady stream of customers had been flowing along nicely all day. Ann loved days like this when she was in a groove. These were the times she felt a joyous sense of purpose in her activities and most present and connected to her customers.

Make the Holidays Merry

Make the Holidays Merry

Angry customers. Long hours. Missed deadlines. Sound familiar? It’s the usual litany of woes that hitch a ride on Santa’s sleigh. Little wonder that for most retailers the year’s busiest sales season is also the most stressful.

Look for more of the same this Christmas. “Uncertainty about the economy is bound to increase stress levels for both managers and employees at retail stores,” says Jon Schallert, president of The Schallert Group, Longmont, Colo. (www.destinationublog.com).

Becoming Unstoppable

More than a decade ago, Tama Kieves walked away from a profitable career as a Harvard-trained lawyer to follow the more uncertain path of author and speaker. She knew following her passion was the right thing to do, and she regrets nothing. She just wishes someone had warned her that embracing her true calling would make her miserable on occasion.

“Even with a calling, there are difficulties and challenges. So many people get thwacked while they’re following their passion,” Kieves says.

Creating a Better World

If the body-mind-spirit industry relies on consumers being awake and aware, how can we reach more people and expand our market? One way is through organizations such as the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE, www.gatecommunity.org).

Shifting to a Better World

Gregg Braden’s speaking voice could calm the roiling seas, its deep timbre and melodious tones soothing to the ear. And a good thing, too, considering he’s talking about December 21, 2012, which many people fear will be the date of a worldwide apocalypse.

Even rather alarming statements such as, “The Earth doesn’t need healing—it will be here … but will we be here?” go down smoothly.

Celebrating Change

When New Age Retailer rolled off the presses for the first time in 1987, the world was a very different place. Apple and Adobe had just hooked up to create a love child: desktop publishing. The long reign of typewriters and carbon paper was over, done in by the new desktop computer. Cell phones, so indispensable today, were nowhere to be seen. All telephones were firmly tethered to the walls of homes and businesses, and that was where we used them. Conversations carried on while walking down the street needed two things: you and at least one other person close enough to touch.

Achieving Authenticity

Achieving Authenticity

Something new is going on in our world—something big, says Gary Zukav, author of several bestsellers, including the New Age classics, The Seat of the Soul and The Dancing Wu Li Masters. Zukav believes our consciousness is evolving and a new world is being born; we are now in a time when reliance on Spirit is increasing. Whether attached to the prophecies of 2012 or not, the change is as undeniable as it is unavoidable, he says.

New Age Is Now

Is New Age really relevant in 2010? As the publisher of New Age Retailer, I’ve spent many hours thinking about this question. Periodically through our 23 years in print we have wrestled with the idea of changing the magazine’s title to something more easily understood and less “loaded.” Each time it’s the same. We spend a few days brainstorming possibilities and then someone invariably says, “You know, nothing we’re coming up with captures the spirit the way ‘New Age’ does.”

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