Review Guidelines

Retailing Insight regularly features reviews of the latest books, music CDs, DVDs, and giftware for the body-mind-spirit industry. If you have a product you would like to submit for review consideration, please follow the steps below to ensure your product is given full consideration by our team of independent reviewers.

If the reviewer you've contacted is interested in reviewing your product, they will email you back with instructions on where to send a sample or review copy. We do our best to respond to all review requests, but due to the volume of email we receive, we cannot directly inform those who have not been selected for review. If you haven't received a response within 15 business days, it is likely your product was not selected for review. Please DO NOT send unsolicited products to our corporate office or directly to any reviewer; these submissions will not be considered and may be returned unopened.

Please note: Our readers count on our independent and honest assessment of new products, and while we welcome product submissions from our advertisers, we give no preference to advertisers during the evaluation process.

Steps to being considered for a review in Retailing Insight

Make sure your product meets the following criteria for consideration in the magazine:

  • The product must be available for sale to retailers in the U.S. at wholesale prices, whether it is distributed through your company or through a wholesale distributor.
  • The product must be new. For music and giftware, it should be no more than 6 months old. For books, we work ahead of the publication date by as much as 5 months, so we need to hear about your book as early as possible, but at the least 2 months before the publication date. For DVDs, contacting us at least 2 months before the release date will help us post the review in conjunction with the release date.
  • Submit a form to the appropriate reviewer to tell them about your product.


Submit this form to our book reviewer Anna Jedrziewski. Include key information such as publisher (and wholesale distributor if that's the only U.S. wholesale outlet), publication date, publicity contact, book description or synopsis, and information about the author.


Submit this form to our music reviewer Bill Binkelman with information about your CD. Key information to include is album title and description, artist name and brief bio, label name and website, and wholesale distribution info.


Submit this form to our giftware reviewer and editor-at-large Jean Haller. Provide key information such as a description of the product, selling features, vendor name and contact information, wholesale price, and a link to the vendor website. A photo of the product is not required, but is appreciated.


Submit this form to our DVD reviewer. Include key information such as the studio or media company producing the film (and wholesale distributor if that's the only U.S. wholesale outlet), DVD release date, publicity contact, movie description or synopsis, primary actors/director or featured individuals, running time, and retail price.