eachanoriginal DESIGN COMPANY

eachanoriginal DESIGN COMPANY


Luscious, hand-painted fridge magnets designed to inspire creative communication and fun for all ages. EACHANORIGINAL magnets make wonderful gifts and can brighten up any metal surface, from filing cabinets to metal wall displays to, of course, the fridge. Our line is diverse and unique and available in three color schemes: BRIGHT- vibrant and punchy; ZEN - subtle earth tones; and BLACK & WHITE - high contrast. Each magnet tile is individually hand painted without stencils, making it one of a kind. We offer a range of designs, packaging, and merchandising options. You can choose from our LETTER programs or our individually packaged MOTIVATIONAL STATEMENT sets or PREPACKAGED WORDS, each with their own practical merchandising display unit. A diverse line of porcelain tile letters, words, and playful images make up this tactile, funky, and luscious fridge magnet collection.

Our Mission: ​At EACHANORIGINAL we DESIGN magnets, HAND PAINT magnets, INSPIRE with magnets ... we simply LOVE magnets. Our desire is to create magnets worthy of stand-alone display - true fridge ART. We aspire to bring JOY and SMILES through visual communication.

Our Vision: ​At EACHANORIGINAL we strive to make a high-quality, fun, visually pleasing fridge magnet that ultimately will adorn metal surfaces across North America. We love what we do and it shows in our product.

Our Product Range: ​Magnets, Inspiration, Motivation, Letters, Alphabet, Words, Fridge Magnets, Love, Live, Laugh, Hearts, Flowers, Stars, Peace, Wisdom, Balance, Inspire, Create, Imagine, Dream, Faith, Believe, Cats, Dogs, Peace ​Signs, Hope, Dare, Joy