About Us

Retailing Insight Magazine


Retailing Insight is a trade magazine with heart. Our mission is to help independent book, gift, and specialty stores reinvent retail through inspired business advice and unique and meaningful products for body, mind, and spirit.


We believe businesses can be successful and be driven by a desire to make the world a better place.

We believe small, independent businesses are not just the backbone of our society but its heart and soul.

We believe consumers want products made with care for the environment and for the workers who create them.

We believe people are looking for unique and meaningful products that elevate, heal, inspire, and support the whole person and the world we live in.


Did you know Retailing Insight magazine began in a chicken coop? Back in 1987, our founder recognized a need in the retail market: Small, independent retailers across the country had a hard time finding unique and meaningful products for customers who wanted to improve their lives. It wasn’t that meaningful, “good for you” products weren’t being made—they were just hard to find.

The idea to connect retailers with wholesalers who were producing gifts, books, and music for the conscious-living customer quickly evolved from a mailed envelope of advertising fliers (assembled in that chicken coop!) to a polished magazine filled with useful business tips, valuable articles, and honest product reviews. We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings 29 years ago! (Out of the chicken coop and into the 21st century!)

Supporting independent retailers was our passion in 1987, and it remains our passion today. We truly can’t imagine our cities and towns without the character and spirit independents bring this country. To a great degree, local livability is a direct result of the shops and stores created by you, the entrepreneurs dedicated to serving your customers and communities. It’s a fact we never forget, and it’s why helping you keep your business strong is our guiding mission.


Retailing Insight's home base is beautiful Bellingham, Wash., a thriving community surrounded by the majestic scenery of Bellingham Bay, Mount Baker, and the North Cascades. Located just 85 miles north of Seattle and 50 miles south of Vancouver, B.C., “Hamsters” and visitors to our town enjoy a vibrant arts community (including a circus arts guild!), endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, and a prosperous economy driven by local, independently owned small businesses.

As an employee-owned small business ourselves, we appreciate the challenges and rewards of small-business ownership and the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels what our readers and advertisers do so well! Our number-one purpose is to nurture retail success in the body-mind-spirit marketplace by providing inspired business advice and trustworthy reviews of unique and meaningful products.

Our special niche serves conscious consumers, the 50 million strong—and growing!—consumers who are socially aware, mindful of the environment, and interested in self-improvement and spiritual exploration. They want products for healthy, successful lifestyles, and Retailing Insight is proud to be the link that connects retailers to wholesalers catering to these engaged consumers.