Steven Halpern Inner Peace Music

Steven Halpern Inner Peace Music


Steven Halpern is a Grammy-nominated composer, recording artist, pioneering sound healer, and channel who launched the New Age genre in 1975 with Chakra Suite. His recent releases continue to raise the bar for healing music that sounds so good folks listen to his recordings for years and years. Deep Alpha (Grammy nominee) and Deep Theta (27 weeks on Billboard's Top Ten New Age chart). Brand new: Mindful Piano​makes it easy for anyone to achieve a mindful meditative state.

Steven's Brainwave Entrainment series provides virtually guaranteed access to precise states of consciousness, combining his proven-effective music with sonic technology.

The Soundwave 2000 Subliminal Affirmation series provides targeted outcome titles to fill a particular need of the buyer.

The Next-Gen Music for Meditation series combines healing music, brainwave entrainment and subliminal affirmations for a new level of effectiveness. New titles: Effortless Relaxation, Self-Healing 2.0, Pain Relief at the Speed of Sound. Manifesting Abundance.

Chakra Suite has been voted the most influential New Age album of all time. Customers continue to ask for it by name; yearly sales now continue to rise. This proves your customers still want and value CDs!

Our Mission and Vision: My vision, and my calling, is to create and bring to the public beautiful and functional healing music that helps listeners experience inner peace, mindfulness, and higher levels of spiritual and physical health and well-being. Chakra Suite, Deep Alpha succeed.

Our Product Range: Pioneering Sound Healer, chakras, mindful meditation, CDs, Next-Gen Music for Meditation healing, brainwave entrainment, crystal bowls, Relaxation and Healing at the Speed of Sound.​​