Ohm Therapeutics Sound Healing

Ohm Therapeutics Sound Healing


Ohm Therapeutics™ offers quality tools and instruction for individuals and healthcare professionals to explore the healing power of sound. Featuring beautiful, retail-ready Sound Healing packages, Ohm Therapeutics is known at home and abroad as a leading producer of quality sound-healing tools since 2003.

Ohm Therapeutics produces a full line of Ohm Tuning Fork products for home and professional use. With packaging that includes detailed instructions for use, Ohm Therapeutics offers sound-healing tools for the physical and subtle body, for nourishing the Qi and Chakra Balancing, and to balance and attune the vital energy flowing through the body. Bestsellers include the Ultimate Intro to Sound Healing Set, Mid Ohm Tuning Fork Kit, and Ohm Octave Set. Practitioners will find the Instructional Manual and DVD on Tuning Fork Application full of practical information, and retailers will find the Ohm Therapeutics Catalog offers an exciting range of tools for the holistic marketplace.

Our Mission: To provide clear, succinct, and practical information about the healing power of sound, Ohm Therapeutics features music plus tuning forks tuned to the sacred healing frequency of Om.

Our Vision: Through sustainable practices, to supply the international marketplace with high-quality and affordable sound-healing tools featuring the ancient tone of Om.

Our Product Range: Sound Healing Tools, Ohm and Luna Tuning Forks, Vibrational Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks: Instructional Manual, DVD: Tuning Fork Application, Sound Healing CDs, Ohm Crystal and Tibetan-style Singing Bowls, Sidelines